Don’t Get Stuck Passing Out Candy Corn

by on January 24th, 2011
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With Halloween less than 48 hours away, people are scrambling to do last minute shopping. Most of them are snatching up any costume they can fit into and taking all the good chocolate candy to go with it! If you haven’t purchased any of the favorites like Snickers and Kit Kats, it may be too late to get them at a reasonable price. Nevertheless, there are other candies that your trick- or- treaters will enjoy just as much.

Laffy Taffy

Kids and adults of all ages can appreciate the sweet, chewy flavors of Laffy Taffy. You can buy these in the small packages at bulk stores like Sams Club and Costco’s.

Willy Wonka Sweet Tarts

Sweet Tarts are not just good for eating at the movies; they make great Halloween candy! They now have a chewy kind, as well as the original. Kids tend to like the original Sweet Tarts better.

Now & Laters

With a zillion flavors to choose from, you can’t go wrong with Now & Laters, but beware. You may get a few “repeat” visitors with this candy in stock! It’s easier to buy the small packs, but you can also buy a larger pack and pass out individual squares. The apple and watermelon flavors are to die for!


Who doesn’t like Twizzlers? You can eat a million of them and not even know it! You should definitely purchase the individually wrapped ones. You don’t want them to sweat and stick to the Now &Laters! Another good thing about Twizzlers is that they’re almost always available in stores.


Skittles are an all time favorite for Halloween. The small individual packs make them easy to serve and easy for parents to inspect at the end of the night. The tropical and original flavors are an excellent choice.

Jolly Ranchers

Always save the best for last right? Jolly Ranchers will make any kid smile and remember your house next year! Whether you purchase the suckers or the individually wrapped candy, you can’t go wrong with this brand. It is highly recommended that you put a few pieces aside for your personal stash.

Whether you mix Sweet Tarts with Twizzlers, or Jolly Ranchers and Now & Laters, with a little creativity, your Halloween candy bucket can be a hit. Just stay away from the Candy Corn, unless you expect your trick- or- treaters to be baby boomers!

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