Digital Tutors is the Fastest Way to Learn the Most Popular (CG) Programs

by on July 23rd, 2010
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If you are interested in making 3D images, computer games, videos, or other related media, then you need to learn and master a variety of different programs.

For example 2D digital artists might use Adobe Photoshop to turn Photos and shapes into art or Adobe Illustrator for Vector Artwork (such as Logos).

CG (3D Computer Graphics) Artists might use Autodesk 3Ds Max , Autodesk Maya , or a number of other 3D applications to create 3D models, architectural previzualization, or a number of other digital creations.

Digital artists can even sculpt digital models from what looks like clay usingAutodesk Mudbox or Pixologic ZBrush .

One way to learn these programs is to search the Internet for free tutorials.YouTube can sometimes be a wonderful resource. However, some programs don’t really have many useful tutorials that are free.

If you are looking to save time, money, and learn some of these programs as fast as possible, then you would probably want to look into professional training or tutorials. Some colleges offer specific programs for these types of programs and fields.

Another approach is learning through Video Tutorials created by experienced professionals such as Digital Tutors , which is an online company that creates a variety of easy-to-follow step-by-step videos for different multimedia programs. They have video instruction for the products listed above and many other professional products on the market today.

The value that Digital Tutors provides is amazing! Some are their videos are free for everybody, but most of them require a subscription. However, the pricing structure is much cheaper than college courses, and is reasonable enough that most working adults could afford it. As of this writing you could get access to all the videos trainings for about $400/year.

There’s an option for $45/month, but that would equal $540 a year. Personally, I would prefer the yearly membership and just buy it at tax return. You’ll save money, and be able to learn the programs you need very quickly! Check it out for yourself and see why they’re even an Autodesk Authorized Training Partner.

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