7 Simple Activities for Sick Toddlers

by on March 7th, 2015
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There are some instances when toddlers are so sick, they just want to sit on the couch. However, then there are the times when the common cold strikes. My daughter often falls into this category. She’s too sick to play with other kids but still a ball of energy. This often leads to boredom. Even though they may be ill, kids like to be entertained. Here are seven activities for toddlers when they are under the weather.

Take a Discovery Walk

The last time my daughter was sick, it was a beautiful day. I put her in her stroller and we went on a pinecone walk. She was able to rest, get some fresh air and look for pinecones. We found skinny pinecones, fat ones and sparse varieties. Afterward, you could make a birdfeeder out of peanut butter and seeds for your feathered friends in the backyard.


Keep a “sick day” box of crafts for your child. Fill it with special neon crayons and construction paper. Throw in some foam stickers and popsicle sticks to make picture frames. I always try to keep different types of crafts available for sick days. In this way, it’s new and exciting.

Make Popsicles

Pick out your toddler’s favorite juice and pour into molds. Popsicles are great for soothing sore throats. You can cut the juice with water to reduce sugar. Also, try two or three different types of juice for a colorful treat.

Blanket Train

Using a big soft blanket, let your child “climb aboard” with some of his or her stuffed animals. Take the blanket and have your toddler sit with their back facing you (so they don’t fall off). Then, take them on a train ride around the house. This works great if you have wood floors.


Hand or finger puppets are great companions for kids under the weather. You can also make simple sock puppets with buttons, pom poms and fabric markers. Use the puppets to help tell stories or for imaginary play.

Dollar Store Thrills

Whenever I’m at Target, the Dollar Store or somewhere else with under a dollar deals, I pick up a few coloring, activity or reading books for sick days. Little puzzles, travel games and stickers are other inexpensive thrills.

R and R Time

Rest is an important part of recovery. If your toddler is having trouble napping, a movie can always help pass the time. Set your child up with plenty of soft blankets and their favorite stuffed animals.

Toddlers often don’t understand why they can’t go play with their friends. It’s hard for them to be stuck in the house all day. These activities will help eliminate boredom. Before you know it, they will be up and around again.

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