10 Things to Consider for Studying Effectively

by on August 20th, 2010
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This is my oral presentation in Psychology where I am really glad I have this topic because it helps me a lot of organizing myself on how to study effectively.

The following are as to wit;
1. Find a possible place which you are comfortable in studying.
Everyone has their own idea about the best place to study. Find a comfortable place and stick with it. Some people like to study alone and in silence, some people like to study with groups and a little bit of noise or music. Some like to study at home than school. So long as you feel very comfortable and works for you.

2. Try to be Organized.
Make sure you have all the materials needed for study before you begin. Getting up to look for a pencil or paper may interrupt your concentration and a waste of time.

3. Free/clear your mind.
If you have a lot of things in your mind your study is ineffective. What you could do is take your time to make a note of what your thinking before start studying, this will help you free your mind.
No phone beside for it will disrupt your concentration and your mind will be occupied.

4. Get Motivated.
Think what will be your feeling and the feeling of your love ones if you get a good mark. It will be rewarding isn’t it?

5. Know your weaknesses and strength or know your learning style.
Get to know your learning style and study the way you learn best.

6. Take down notes.
Taking down notes is best way for studying because you are rewriting and learning at the same time.

7. Plan your time and use it well.
Space out your study time each week. Do the hardest work when you feel comfortable. You must set your time limit for each task and follow it. If you study a little everyday instead of waiting to cram at the last minute it will be good, but sometimes you cannot avoid it. Just try it next time.

8. Make your own study materials.
Think up some practice questions to help you study, this way you learn it all twice .

9. Test yourself.
This is my favorite part, for me this is very effective. Get a friend or family members to quiz you on the subject you just study or offer some help to other students if you find them have difficulty on the subject. It’s a great way to get confident with what you know and find out what you still need to learn. What I always do is to write down everything I learn to make sure that I know where I stand.

10. Take time out.
Take short breaks frequently. Your memory retains the information that you study at the beginning and at the end better than what you study in the middle

Note: You study better when you’re feeling good. So make sure you eat healthy foods and get enough sleep. Exercise is great but don’t over do it.

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