Undecided Iowans Vote for Self-Destruction in Final Days Leading Up to Caucus

by on November 9th, 2010
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So what happened in Iowa last night? Why didn’t Ron Paul win? Well, if we are to believe the numbers are what really happened, then we can draw some conclusions.

According to the exit poll data, 53% of Iowans made their decision about who they would vote for as the Republican nominee for President leading up to December.

That means 53% of Iowans made their selection for president BEFORE the mainstream media had a chance to run their 3-week smear campaign against Dr. Paul and prop up another candidate like Rick Santorum. Among these voters, 31% of them voted for Dr. Paul, while only 9% voted for Santorum.

In contrast, when the remaining 46% of Americans left such an important decision to the final 3 days before the caucuses – and relied only on the “mainstream” media as their primary source of information – Iowans made very different decisions. Essentially the reverse happened: 33% of Iowans voted for Rick Santorum while only 11% voted for Ron Paul.

What can we draw from this?

One thing is clear: When Iowans are left alone to research the candidates over a long period of time, such as watching their interviews, watching their speeches, reading their books, and learning about the issues free from media interference – they come to VERY different conclusions about who the best president of the United States would be.

What I find most amusing is that the people who voted for Rick Santorum did so for things like “Family Values”. Well, I have bad news to report to Rick Santorum supporters.

It is a fact that the destruction of the currency by the Federal Reserve is *the* reason why families earn less wealth per year than they did in the 1950’s, when the family unit was much stronger.

With the cost of living skyrocketing over the years due to inflation, the Federal Reserve has essentially removed the option for one parent to raise the family while the other is at work.

Because of this fact, it has caused a surge in the need for public education – since neither parent can remain at home to raise and teach their kids. Most parents no longer have the option to home-school their children as they once did. Families have never been as disjointed as they are today – and the Federal government is the sole reason why this happened.

Voters need not look any further than Rick Santorum to find one of biggest supporters of the Federal Reserve and the Department of Education. While Rick does a good job giving lip-service to “Family Values”, he advocates for policies that destroy family values and the family unit.

Perhaps if Iowans spent more time researching their candidates for president, using the same thought process they might go through when marrying a spouse or deciding to have children, they would have come to the correct conclusion about who *really* stands up for family values – Dr. Paul.

Dr. Paul is the best advocate for getting rid of the Federal government’s involvement in the education of our children as well as bringing back sound money. Eliminating the federal reserve would preserve and protect the wealth of every American family – thus *strengthening* the family unit rather than destroying it.

The truth is clear: when the media doesn’t interfere with Americans to use their own minds about who they would like to be the next President of the United States, Ron Paul would have been the clear winner.

But when Americans treat this process like a joke, and spend as little as a single day in making such an important decision, and relying on the mainstream media, they ultimately make decisions against their own rational self-interest.

Let’s hope the rest of the country isn’t so self-destructive.

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