Touring the Guatemalan City of Antigua

by on December 17th, 2010
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The wonderful city often called Antigua happens to be the most well known vacation spot in Central America. The city of Antigua is found in the beautiful central regions and is legendary for their wonderful Spanish constructions lining the roads and the several volcanoes that can be seen on the horizon.

This Guatemalan city used to be the main city of Guatemala until it was intensely ruined by numerous earthquakes 250 years ago. At this time, the city’s adult population contains 30,000 inhabitants with many tourists coming here from year to year, quite a few who attend numerous Spanish courses for which the place is legendary.

Places to see in Antigua, Guatemala

This place is really traveler friendly. Antigua includes a huge selection of hotel accommodations, places to eat, night clubs and retail stores, all catering to the international holidaymaker. Travel agencies in many cases can also be seen everywhere you go. The captivating Antigua market place situated near the bus station gives you remarkable shopping experiences, together with the opportunity to have an understanding of negotiating skills. Anywhere you look, you are likely to observe new examples of the great Spanish structures. Several of the best are the remains of the wonderful San Agustin Chapel, the attractive Castle, plus the Cathedral remains. The Central Park is usually a popular spot, a gorgeous spot to spend a few hours. The remarkable views of this city from the top of close by volcanoes are actually worth the intense walk up. One other panoramic view is from the hill at Cerro de la Cruz. Then again, violent crime has long been reported around the trail. Thankfully, police officers escort holidaymakers on daily basis.

Recommended times to travel to Antigua

This city experiences an incredibly comfortable weather conditions all year long owing to their highlands geographic location, they enjoy warm and comfortable days, cool evenings, and as well as a lot less rain when compared with the rest of this Central American country. Right before Easter Sunday is going to be the most well known special event in Antigua. You’ll notice creatively colored sawdust floor coverings with attractive artwork, which have been laid on the streets. Visitors keen on touring the country during this celebration will have to book places to stay well ahead of time.

Making your way around the place

Transport within Antigua is in abundance. Many public buses are available at the enormous bus station in the central region of Antigua, with a Guatemalan market nearby where vacationers can get local goods. In cases where you’d rather not turn to public buses you will be able to arrange for a shuttle bus to pick you up from the international airport. Although walking around is the most used form of traveling around inside Antigua, Guatemala. Buses can be used for much longer distances and as well as for during rain storms.

Safety measures in Antigua

The place tends to be dangerous after sunset. Vacationers really should use the same safety measures as one would in all of the other countries in the Americas, which includes not keeping a large amount of money on you and not carrying stylish jewelry. Women travelers ought to use extreme caution, especially when walking around at nighttime. Try to avoid walking around at nighttime and take taxi cabs whenever possible.

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