The Shepherd’s Dog

by on September 17th, 2010
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There’s a collie near the manger
Now, don’t you think I know
That didn’t really happen
On that Christmas long ago
Collies had not yet been bred
And when they finally were
The little town of Bethlehem
Was not where it occurred
Yet still It lifts my spirits
And makes my heart feel warm
To make believe a collie dog
Was there when He was born
To sit beside the baby
And gently lick his face
To worship his young master
In all his heavenly grace
When I think about it
I really must confess
That collies have another sense
Us people don’t possess
They can see inside us
They look beneath the skin
They read the writing on a heart
And feel the love within
If a collie had been there
To hear those angels sing
He would have known a herding dog
Would help this new born king
His collie sense would tell him
That child would grow to be
The very greatest shepherd
The World would ever see

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