Run for Your Lives!

by on March 7th, 2015
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“Run for your lives!” You see people running, screaming through the streets. The earth below you is splitting! The sky starts pealing open – one side stormy, the other bright and white. Houses begin falling a-part, trees are being pulled open from the ground, up! Some people believe its Jesus coming back so they begin screaming prayers! Others think it’s a big earthquake, but you don’t know what to think. Parents grab their kids, kids grab their pets, and they all run to their vehicles to try and out-run the “storm”. You don’t have a car so you just run. The rain is pouring down on you, stinging your skin. Wind blows your hair in all different directions. You realize that your family isn’t there. It’s like you don’t have a family at all. Nobody hears you screaming for help. It’s like you’re not even there. But you are. Aren’t you? Yes, you can feel the rocks under your bare feet, the dirt flying in your face. But nobody can see you, nobody can hear you. Is that someone calling your name? Does someone know you exist? You see someone running up to you, yelling at you. You’re standing there, confused. The person reaches you and starts shaking you and he’s still yelling, but you can’t hear him. All of a sudden you wake up. The earth isn’t falling a-part. No-one is running or screaming. You find yourself lying down in a sleeping bag, on the ground, and the person that was shaking you, is still shaking you and telling you to get up and get in the truck. Suddenly everything makes sense now. You’re on a camping trip with your friend and he’s telling you to get up because it’s raining and everything is getting wet. You jump up and start packing. Both you and your friend are in the truck and he asks why you wouldn’t wake up. You tell him, “I was just dreaming.”

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