November 2011 Starcast

by on February 19th, 2011
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Imagine walking down the corridor of your life, with a key that opens every closet. Each closet is like a living diary, containing our deepest, darkest secrets; favorite and painful memories; truest feelings. Some doors we open every day, smiling at the memories they re-awaken. Others, we walk past, afraid of opening a Pandora’s box that can never again be closed. What aspects of your life are you afraid to unlock and examine? What items in your closet need to be donated to the cosmic thrift store so you can shed the emotional baggage?

November brings out the personal sleuth within when the sun dives into the mysterious waters of Scorpio and stirs our appetite for clarity. We’re called to explore hidden agendas, past life connections and secrets. This is a month of cleansing and healing from a soul level, reaching deep within ourselves for the answers that will ultimately set us free. And once we have those answers, power scrubbing the emotional space that allowed those influences to take hold and live rent free.

Meditate on the energy of the Hanged Man tarot card to release control and old behaviors that no longer work. The Hanged man will help you look at things from a fresh perspective so that a period of suspension can reveal where your energy is best served moving forward. The lesson of the Scorpio cycle is not to fear the depths of darkness, but to embrace the journey of wisdom, internal change and awareness of the truth. Some relationships and situations are in our lives to fulfill a karmic purpose.

Our mission during the next three weeks, is to be open to learning what those lessons are and work on re-adjusting our filters so we can release any jealousy, obsession or anger that can distort the lens by which we interact with the world around us. Venus and Mercury’s placement in Sagittarius on November 2nd will help lighten the mood and bring more optimism into the emotional atmosphere.

Spiritual practices will dominate the landscape now that the Sun’s in Scorpio until November 21st. Neptune goes direct on November 9th, lending support to intuitive development and employing the Angels for enlightenment. It is a wonderful time to work on your spirituality to get re-centered, at peace and tap into the Divine guidance from within.

On November 10, the Full Moon is in Taurus, asking us to look at our security and be prepared for a back up plan to achieve financial wellness. This particular Taurus Full Moon may cause a shake up to conditions that once appeared comfortable and guide us towards releasing what no longer serves our growth, so we can move into a new, stable direction. That night, Mars heads into the discerning realm of Virgo at 11:15 pm eastern. Be ready to enter a cycle promoting clutter clearing, organization and great attention to detailed resourcefulness.

It brings out the nit-pickiness people, where they feel torn between acting and over-thinking things. When in doubt, adopt a let go and let God approach to any problems that take up more than a day’s space in your mind. The Scorpio cycle will encourage turning to your spiritual team to create movement when you are in a period of pause and reflection.

On November 22nd, the Sun moves into fun loving Sagittarius, preparing us for a four week cycle of renewed enthusiasm, generosity, and practicing gratitude now that Thanksgiving is just a few days away. The upcoming holiday season is soon to be upon us, filled with family gatherings, travel and an opportunity to be more charitable to those in need. Mercury goes retrograde on the 23rd. Back up your computers, exercise patience and expect potential travel delays, scheduling snafus and miscommunication.

The New Moon on the 25th will be in the sign of Sagittarius, encouraging us to look ahead and make a wish on the inspired life we want to cultivate in 2012. Great time to sign up for a yoga class, go on a fun adventure or act on that fire in your belly that is about to birth true visionary innovation. The month ends with Venus moves into purposeful Capricorn on November 26th. You’ll feel a shift in priorities and the energy turns more toward where is that relationship and job ultimately heading. Venus will ask the serious questions about long term potentials now that the backdrop is in dutiful Capricorn.

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