Ideas for Decorating a Large Contemporary Foyer

by on July 9th, 2010
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A large foyer can be an impressive area to welcome guests into the home. Since it is the first area they see, it should make a great initial impression. Contemporary decorating options are infinite. From the decor on the walls to the rugs on the floor, an entryway can look dramatic and absolutely stunning. Try my ideas for decorating a large contemporary foyer, and make a positive and lasting first impression.

Select Eye-Catching Lighting for a Large Contemporary Foyer

I had a large contemporary foyer in one of my homes in northeast Indiana. It was as large as an average bedroom, and it was absolutely gorgeous. Part of what made it spectacular was the light fixture.

I replaced all of the original light fixtures in the home. They were construction grade, and although the house was beautiful, the quality and style of the lights negatively affected the decorating scheme and the overall look of the home. I ended up choosing a bubble chandelier with contemporary style. It was comprised of six lights that illuminated cascading glass bubbles. The bubbles were made from clear hand-blown glass, and the fixture became the focal point of my large contemporary foyer.

Choose eye-catching lighting when decorating your large contemporary foyer. The lighting can make or break the appearance of the space. First impressions are vital since you only have one chance to astound new guests. A truly beautiful light fixture will look great even when it is not illuminated.

Place a Round Contemporary Table in the Center

I placed a round contemporary table beneath the strands of lighted cascading glass bubbles. It was also spectacular. A table is an excellent choice when looking for unique ways of decorating a large contemporary foyer. Most people fill up the outskirts of a foyer, but many more options exist when the space is large. Use the center of your large entryway. It can look outstanding!

I did not buy the table as a collection area for mail, keys and whatnot. It was the stage for a beautiful over-sized contemporary glass vase. I filled it with clear acrylic resin and high-quality faux calla lilies. The decorating scheme was awe-inspiring, and I received many compliments from visiting clients and friends.

Set Modern Pedestals on Both Sides of the Door

To complete the decorating scheme of my large contemporary foyer I placed modern basic black pedestals on both sides of the door. They were sleek but simple and comprised of acrylic. I chose simple pedestals because they were meant to serve as a stand instead of overtaking the items upon them. I placed an over-sized cobalt blue sphere on each pedestal to complete the decorating scheme in my contemporary foyer. The blue and black were a striking combination, especially since cobalt blue is my favorite hue.

I came up with these decorating ideas especially for the large contemporary foyer in my modern home. Use my ideas as a basis to create something spectacular for your entryway. Choose eye-catching decor in colors and designs of your choice. Do not buy anything without complete certainty, and settle for nothing but the best. The decorating choices you make are a reflection of personal style, and you have just once chance to make a stunning first impression, especially in your foyer.

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