Fun Things to Make from Colored Pencils

by on November 25th, 2010
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Beads aren’t known to be all that expensive but when you’re making lots of different jewelry pieces, they can be. But if your child has things in the bottom of the toy box – like colored pencils – you can make some cool beads that can be used to create all sorts of new jewelry pieces. In fact, when you cut up old colored pencils, you can make jewelry, coasters, and even more.

One cute necklace that can be made from colored pencils is done by using a tiny drill bit. Sharpen each of three colored pencils – different colors or all the same – until they are very short and have fine points. Then, turn each pencil on one side, and drill the tiniest of holes through it. Drill the hole, from one side to the other, close to the top. To make the necklace, thread a piece of cord through one pencil, then thread on a bead. Add another pencil, another bead, and so on, until you have the arrangement you want. Tie the ends of the cord together to finish.

Make a different type of necklace by first cutting up colored pencils. Lay a ruler beside the pencil and mark areas at half-inch intervals. Using a sharp knife or saw, cut the pencil into the half-inch chunks. Drill a hole into each shape so it can be strung. You can drill the hole through the colored pencil itself, by going from top to bottom with the drill. Or, drill the holes from side to side for a slightly different look. String just colored pencil chunks or alternate each pencil piece with a bead.

Jewelry isn’t the only cool thing you can make from colored pencils. Cut chunks of the colored pencils, as mentioned in the above necklace, then glue them together to make a coaster. To do this, put one colored pencil chunk on a flat surface. Surround it with a circle of pencil pieces, then surround that circle with another. Continue in this manner until the coaster is the size you want it to be. Glue the pencil pieces together with wood glue and, if you want, finish by gluing a piece of felt to one side of the coaster.

Instead of making coasters you can create accents for picture frames, mirrors, and other items. Just start with the single pencil piece, surround it with a circle of more pieces, and continue until you get the arrangement size you want. Glue these onto corners of pictures or mirrors, onto the fronts of lamps, or even across the front of a cornice. The colorful pencil pieces make for interesting decorator projects around the house, or for you to wear.

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