Best Wakeboard Bindings

by on November 22nd, 2010
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Wakeboard bindings do a lot more than look good. When you are enjoying the sport of wakeboarding, you must protect those toes and ankles. A good solid pair will protect your ankles and feet from serious damage when you are on the water. The best type of bindings has a dual lace up system with a Velcro strip to secure it. A full boot is better at protecting the toes but some people prefer the open toe version. Here are five of the best Wakeboard bindings.

Hypeerlite Remix 2012 Bindings only come in an XL so that it fits those people with wider feet and ankles. This pair also has a dual front lace system, which means it is more secure, and offers more protection while you are enjoying wakeboarding.

These are not designed for a beginner in the sport, but are designed for the person who has had lots of time in the sport. These also have a hype plush rear flex zone for comfort. The toe pad can be set in either a fixed or a floating mode. There is a dual lace up front entry for the added safety of your feet and ankle.

Woman will love the Faith Hope and Love bindings by Ronix. These full toe black bindings have a plush light green lining for your comfort. The liner is a stage two, created with improved comfort and it will mold to your feet naturally.

The flex level on this pair is a six, so it offers good protect from painful foot extensions while enjoying wakeboarding. These are low profile, which means there is no excess material to make it weight more. It is lighter on your feet and is great for the fancy moves like the right hand double up to show off.

Here is a pair of Wakeboard Bindings for the men that comes in three sizes that is a small to medium, which fits feet show size 5-8, plus there is a L/Xl and a XXL .This has a flex rating of 6 and has an open toe.

This one is dual lace up the front for better protection. It also provides amazing heel hold and easy entry. You men will not be wasting your time slipping on this one. It has two gorilla grips on the back so you can hold them securely while slipping them on or off.

The Byerly Wakeboard bindings are a great pair for the experts. These are top of the line so among the serious folks in this sport these are necessary have. These come in three different sizes and are a full boot type. There is a two-year warranty on these.

The seamless wrap construction of these bindings makes them perfect for advanced or experts who enjoy wake boarding. This comfortable pair of open toed bindings by Byerly is for those who demand maximum comfort, support and durability. If you are serious about the sport these are the bindings for you.

Kwik tek Airhead Grind Bindings are adult sized. This is size eight and a half in men’s’. However this’ boot will easily fit any adult size foot. It is lightweight but strong enough with withstand the water pressure while you are having fun. The bindings cinch up quickly. There is a front entry lace up design on this boot. Once your foot is inside and the laces are pulled, a Velcro tab crosses over to help support the ankle. If you need a second pair of bindings, this is a good choice, and they are budget friendly.

This is a cheaper alternative to the more expensive wakeboard bindings. The Kwik Tek binding has a front entry. It will fit just about any size of adult feet. In addition to the laces, Velcro also gives support to the ankles.

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