A Lovely Day

by on March 7th, 2015
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The time of the year when nothing else matters.
Just good times, happiness, and laughter.

Getting big hugs from friends and family.
Hanging up ornaments and eating lots of candy.

The wind blows and you can feel the love in the air.
No hatred seems to exists, everyone cares.

Snowmen in the yards and children out to play.
The look of the town always makes your day.

I wonder what makes up Christmas cheer.
It always comes around during Christmas each year.

Lights seem to bring out the best in each other.
Sitting by the fire place, Loving one another.

Nothing else matters, not even the past.
Everyone spreads love to make Christmas last.

There is never a better feeling then the one at Christmas.
We love it when its here and when its gone we will miss it.

Lets have a toast to the best time of the year.
Gifts shared, love spread, and lots of Christmas cheer.

No matter how much life tries to dim your light.
Just remember Christmas is coming and everything will be alright.

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