50 Cent Raise Brings Child Support Up by 100 Dollars

by on August 29th, 2010
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I’m not one to complain about child support because all men should take care of their child/children
one way or another, but this is one of those cases where I have to call B.S. Yes all men AND women should take care of what they’ve created but when the system starts trying to milk the male for everything he has, it’s time to draw a line.

When I went to court the first time regarding child support, the judge did this little math problem and
when she told me her insanely huge number I asked why. That’s right, I asked. Her answer was that in Colorado, and I’m sure it’s the same way in every other state if not worse, child support is calculated by taking 65% of the male’s income and 35% of the females income then divide it by how many days out the year they both have them or something like that. These numbers aren’t exact cause I just don’t care to remember that horrible day. I do however remember that the percentage was entirely in my ex’s favor.

This next statement will anger a lot of females but hey it needs to be said. The system and all people in the world who agree with those numbers are crazy. Women complain all the time about being treated equally but then when child support comes around NOW you don’t want your income being looked at but rather MOST of HIS being taken into consideration is fine with you. The way it should work is do 50% of both parents income THEN do the little thing about who gets them for how ever many days of the year.

Now this brings us to why this article is even being written. Upon our second visit to court regarding
child support, they asked what has changed in our income. Her income didn’t change at all, but me, I got a 50 cent raise since our last visit. Yup just 50 cents and not a dollar, not a salary of 3000 a month, nothing great at all. When they threw that beautiful 50 cent piece into their math problem, yeah you guessed it, my monthly obligation of child support went up by a little bit over 100 dollars.

Please ANY ONE who is reading this, correct me if my math is a little bit off for it has been awhile since I did basic multiplication in Elementary School. 50 cents times the 40 hours a week that I work should equal out to 20 bucks a week. Your typical month has roughly 4 weeks in it so that’s 80 bucks a month. With out even including tax being taken out that’s already 20 bucks less being added to my check than what’s being taken out.

Nevermind that I have a house to pay for so my kids have a place to sleep when they’re with me, or that I have a car to pay for so I can pick them up, or that I have a phone to pay for so my kids can call me when they need me. The sad truth is that I would’ve been better off telling my boss to keep that raise. And in fact now I’m debating if on my next raise if I should even take it.

Should I stay making what I make now or should I gladly accept another “raise” and further DECREASE what I make every month and ultimately make for an even harder time trying to take care of my kids. Again, I have no problem paying child support as I am all for that, but like I said before, a line has to be drawn somewhere. Our system is flawed, real bad, and something has to change. When a man’s raise at work brings less money into his household for him and his kids, that should be a sure sign that something in your system is !@#$ed up.

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