The Awakening of a Generation?

by on March 7th, 2015
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Why is this 23 year old business owner not mad about the GOP race and the inconsistency of the Media’s top tier candidates? The answer is the internet. In order to understand why we are in this pickle you have to correlate the amount of information available to each consumer per generation. I am too laid back to get extremely scientific here but it is easy to say that before internet, television, and radio broadcasting the newspaper was looked upon as the caliber of integrity. They were essentially the only way to receive credible news. Now look at them. They are only surviving because of the Sunday paper.

Who really reads newspapers anymore? Soon this question will be… Who really watches the TV News anymore? My friends and I like to call this the dinosaur effect. The internet disrupted the need for the newspaper companies to provide physical information to our doorsteps just like it will eventually end the need for news programs. The “Grid”, as we jokingly say with our tron suits on full glow, has given our civilization more access to information than we humans have ever had before. Okay this is common knowledge but I bet we rarely ever consciously think about how lucky we are compared to our ancestors much less our great grandparents or grandparents.

So if we have all this knowledge why is it so hard to pick a candidate for the GOP? The answer is also the subject of that question. Knowledge. Compared to our time on this earth the internet is newer than a baby still attached to its umbilical cord. Though it is new, it is extremely powerful! So imagine that baby on the umbilical cord being able to break your neck with it’s tiny hand. We are talking about revolutionary power. Why? Because all the ingredients are in place for a (IN MY DARTH VADER VOICE) informed society. (By the way, this is not what the boys over on the hill want you to know… REPUBLICAN or DEMOCRAT!)

The ingredients to a informed society: independent hosting providers… check, electricity to power your computer… check, A plethora of social networks… triple check, Phones with video recording capabilites…. check.

STEP 1: Add the independent hosting providers first. This way it will be way harder for anyone to completely take over the internet because the multiplicities of unique IP’s and physical hosting hardware.

STEP 2: Power them up with electricity to get your computers ready for your gangbang of social media bliss.

STEP 3: Once you are completely submerged in all social mediums add the video of that flip flopping politician you just recorded at your townhall assembly with your smart phone to the internet.

*Chef’s suggestion: Make sure you give it time to fully upload before enjoying the taste of spreading true unbiased information to your fellow Americans.

This election, there are a lot of Candidates that suffer grandadinidis* and it unfortunately can cost some their campaign. When Texas Congressman Ron Paul confronted Hermain Cain about the his position on not auditing the Federal Reserve the Cain Train’s response was, “You can’t always believe what you hear on the internet.” Unfortunately Mr.Cain wasn’t aware that a video of him being interviewed on a radio station and many other videos supporting Dr.Pauls accusations were posted to YouTube. The result of his comment reveled that the Cain Train was docking at the OH SNAPS PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY FIND OUT IF I AM LYING express station. We could speculate. We could say that his campaign wasn’t aware his videos were deteriorating his campaign. But we won’t. It is funnier to say too many women came out to support his efforts in running for office.

So why is the internet helping weed out Political candidates? The internet is our collective genius. We are able to upload personal experiences easier now than ever before. Think before the internet. The main stream news outlets had the power of being gatekeeper. They had the power to pick and choose the winners. If they liked a politician, they would be able to cut out snippets that would be detrimental to their campaign. Now, like the newspapers back in the early 1900’s, the Mainstream news is competing with the internet.

We are witnessing the awakening of a generation. Through the social media networks my generation is getting all of our news. The internet holds no biased to political parties like the news networks. Fortunately, my generation is becoming more and more suspicious to the “unbiased reporting” that is taking place with the main stream news networks. Why do I feel positive about our future? I feel positive because it is in our hands. This will be the first election that the President of the United States of America will be elected by the American people and not by corporations. The first ever real grassroots Presidential Win. This is something for me to look forward to.

Until then I will keep marching Ron Paul 2012.

*Grandadinidis = The type of opinion towards the internet that would generally come from your grandpa. The ignorance to exactly how credible a video on the internet actually is.

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