“Must See” Places Bangkok in the Kingdom of Thailand

by on September 10th, 2012
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The Kingdom of Thailand is located in Southeast Asia it is bordered to the north by Laos and Burma and to the south by Malaysia. Tourism contributes to the country’s economy greatly as some of the more popular cities such as Bangkok and Phuket invite tourist to linger and enjoy all they have to offer. The country is beautiful not only in its picturesque scenery but in its friendly people. Thailand’s King Rama IX is the ninth king and has held reign since 1946, the country is also the world’s 51st largest in land mass and 21st in population.

Thailand known as Siam until 1939 is an intriguing place to visit and has a multitude of adventures for the tourist or resident. One of the more popular cities in Thailand is Bangkok and there you will find so many places you may want to see you will have to extend your stay in order to see even half of them. One of the first places anyone who comes to Bangkok should see is the Grand Palace. Though it is no longer in use by members of the Royal Family as daily living quarters, it is often used for ceremonial purposes. Not all of the buildings or grounds are available for tours, but there are tours of several of the main buildings within the grounds of Wat Phra Keo that are a must see!

The next stop you should make in your tour of Bangkok is Lumpini Park on Rama IV Road, this enchanting expanse of greenery was named after the birthplace of Buddha. Buddhism is practiced by 95 percent of Thailand’s population and you will find many aspect of the culture reflect their chosen religion. Lumpini Park is a quiet oasis a bit outside of the city and the noise and would make for an excellent spot to have a rest under one of the shady trees during the heat of the day or to have a bite to eat or for those most daring you can rent a paddle boat.

For the shopaholic a stop at CentralWorld is a must! CentralWorld is the largest shopping center in all of Southeast Asia and encompasses 8,000 sq. meters and is third largest in the world. The mall opened in 1990 on Ratchadamri Road and has over 600 stores and one of the more interesting things about this mall is that you literally never have to leave! There is a hotel in the mall along with many eateries and attractions to make even the most avid shoppers feet ache.

For the fresh food fanatic a stop at the floating market is a must! There are many floating markets that can be enjoyed through-out the area. Bang Khu Wiang Floating Market is accessible from Bangkok and is truly a cultural shock to those not use to the experience. For those up for more of an adventure you should try Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, it is small and chaotic and a ton of fun as you watch the boats jockey for positions along the canal.

The last of the “Must See” places in Bangkok is the Temple of the Reclining Buddha and on your way to see the Reclining Buddha you will pass the Temple of the Emerald Buddha so stop there to. The star attraction though is going to be the 46 meter gold leaf covered Buddha, the delicate three meter long feet of the Buddha is decorated with mother-of-pearl illustrations. This gigantic symbol of Buddha is an amazing tribute to the culture and religion of this beautiful country.

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