Louis CK’s New Material: How Can Necrophilia Ever Be Funny?

by on February 8th, 2011
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COMMENTARY | Louis CK has come up with his newest material for his comic show. Yet some of it has the audience in groans rather than laughs. Louis CK is known for his raw style but his newest material really pushes the edge of decency. One of his latest skits involves necrophilia.

Reminiscent of the late Sam Kinison’s end of the line jokes on having sex with dead people, Louis CK has revived it in his newest work. There is just no way to make such a topic funny or interesting. Most of the audience answered back with groans of disgust rather than applause and laughter.

Fortunately, this is just one small segment of new act. Veering away from jokes about his family, his new act takes the audience on an adventure that is at least 50 percent crude, sexual jokes. You will see him mimic masturbation at least seven times in an hour. Focused on men’s need for sex. Several jokes swirl around men’s lack of skill in the bedroom lamenting the prison men are in due to their carnal desires. How it gets old having a voracious appetite even at his age of forty-four. The dissatisfaction of women in sexual encounters.

Gratefully, he manages to get some quips in about the new marijuana and how potent it is compared to what he grew up with – less offensive comedy and truly witty commentary on getting stoned with a younger crowd. It is a welcome relief from the juvenile comedy of the beginning of his act. His comedic timing and skill really shines during this part of the show. Complete with how to leave a circle of fans after toking it up with them. His depiction of actions while under the influence are quite humorous and his storytelling is flawless.

He takes jibes at Jewish people, gay community, and of course religion. Quipping anyone that doesn’t believe in evolution sounds stupid. “My mom wasn’t a monkey.” “My great grandfather wasn’t a monkey.” “Hey it goes back millions of years not just a generation or two.” He even made a small joke about looking like John McCain with his arms tied up. Mind you he was playing in Phoenix, a spot where senator McCain is admired for his political skills as well as his patriotism for America. This joke needless to say bombed big time. Safe to say no group, person or anything is safe from his comic show.

While audience members tried to get him to perform older skits he did not comply via the late and great George Carlin whom advised him to throw away his material and start fresh every year. The new material just doesn’t flow as well as some of his older skits. Too much time is spent on sexual jokes of which men can probably relate to. That is only half of his audience. The show left me flat. A few chuckles but nothing I would bother to see again. Left me wanting to see some of his older work thrown in. The tame and easy to laugh at jokes about trying to get his dog to puke after downing chocolate. Think I will pass until Brian Regan is in town again.

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