How to Make Your Windows XP PC Faster

by on January 8th, 2011
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We have all been through it. Sometimes our computers can slow down and lag, making our online experience unbearable. This is mostly caused by over-using a computer, but age and or past viruses can be contributing factors. To speed up your PC and make applications load significantly faster, follow the steps below.

What you will need:

A slow computer.
Windows XP: Similar tactics should work with other operating systems.

Difficulty: Easy – As long as you stick to the guide, you should be alright.

What are your options?

There are plenty of ways to speed up your PC. You will find a list of 4 options below:

1.) Delete Unnecessary Programs: This should be a no brainer. The more space you have, the more room your PC has to breathe. Delete anything that you don’t need. A good place to start is the Add or Remove Programs directory. Go to Start in the bottom left of your monitor, select Control Panel and then click on Add or Remove Programs. From here you can uninstall any program that is just taking up valuable space on your hard-drive.

2.) Delete Forgotten Downloads: Have you downloaded a whole lot of crappy albums, videos or movies that you don’t want anymore? If you don’t need them, then why keep them around cluttering your PC and slowing it down? Head on over to your Download’s Output folder and delete any and everything that you don’t need.

3.) Delete Internet Cookies, Browsing History etc: Individual cookies and temporary files may not seem like a big deal, but if left unchecked, they can eventually become a significant drain on your PC’s hard-drive. So it is a good idea to delete them regularly to prevent build up. Go to Start, click on Control Panel and then select Internet Options. Once the Internet Properties box pops up, click on the General Tab. Go to where it says Browsing History and select Delete. Now click on Delete All.

4.) Lose the makeup: One effective way to drastically speed up your computer comes with a trade-off. Your computer will gain speed but at the cost of appearance. That means that all the fancy graphics that come with Windows XP will have to be disabled. Let’s begin. Go to your desktop, right click the mouse and select Properties from the drop down menu. A box titled Display Properties should pop up. Now click on the Appearance tab and go down to where it says, Windows and Buttons. Select Windows Classic Style from the menu. Click OK.

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