How to Be Funny when You’re Meeting Women for the First Time

by on November 15th, 2010
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Being yourself is an important part of impressing women. Your goal is to come off as someone that is cool, confident, and collected, and one of the only ways to do that is to truly embrace your personality and find women that you can connect with. Still, you do need to impress these women first, and while one of the easiest ways to impress girls is humor, most guys don’t know how to be funny, especially when they meet a girl for the first time.

Tips On Being Funny

There’s no real secret when it comes to how to be funny. That’s because humor, at its core, is about originality. Going the easy route by making “That’s what she said” jokes, or using punch lines that everyone has heard a million times before is a great way to strike out. No one can tell you exactly how to be funny because the jokes need to be 100% your own, and too much coaching will cause you to simply parrot jokes that other people have used in the past.

But there are still strategies that you can use to integrate humor into the conversation, and while all of these take some practice if you’re not naturally funny, you’ll find that over time you can develop a sense of humor that women will appreciate.

· Tell Stories

Stories that involve naturally humorous situations are not only the best way to be funny – they’re also a good way to impress women. Stories make you interesting, and not just a generic guy that they can meet at any bar or coffee shop. Listen to the way that funny people tell stories. Notice their inflections, pauses, and how they emphasize the joke. Then think back to the funny things that happened in your life and see how you can make them into stories.

· Randomness is Acceptable

Recall that originality is the key to good humor, and if you want to learn how to be funny, you need to figure out how to be original. That means that random thoughts, random phrases, random references are all appreciated. If they pop into your mind, go ahead and say it, provided it isn’t terribly inappropriate or makes you look bad. Even if she doesn’t get you, at least she’ll recognize that your humor isn’t recycled garbage.

· Avoid The Obvious

If the joke is so obvious that even a simpleton would make it, don’t make the joke. Most guys that don’t know how to be funny make any joke they can when the joke is there. Making the obvious joke doesn’t make you interesting. It’s almost better to be not funny at all than it is to try to make jokes that anyone can make, because at least then it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard.

Additional Tips on How to Be Funny

The reality is that humor is harder to grasp than most people realize. The best thing you can do is watch standup comedy, practice originality, find your best stories, and not make the easy jokes just because they’re there. The more you practice, the funnier you’ll be, and the easier time you’ll have impressing women.

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