How SIMS 3 Rules PC Gaming

by on November 21st, 2010
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SIMS 3 is my favorite PC Video Game. It’s a great escape from real life. You get to construct your life and your family’s life without any protest from your family. With all of the griping and protest that I get from my real family, it’s great.

The updates to the game in recent years make the simulations on the video game that much more realistic. rates it as a 9.1 on a scale of 10 in their recent review. I would downgrade it to a 8.5 personally because I think that it could have included a little more detail to the format.

The big plus of the game is that the entire family can participate. With all of the advertising for other war type formats, it’s nice to play a game like SIMS. The game does have a T rating, making it inappropriate for younger users, but perfect for teens. I am able to enjoy the game with my child without fear of utter vulgarity.

Choosing careers, homes, friends, and scenarios is amazing. It lets you create a life you may not be able to create in reality, thus, the allure of the game to millions of users. Choosing a career that you know you could never have in real life has been particularly exciting to me. In addition, being able to choose a larger family, when I really have a small one is exhilarating.

With the larger family comes tree houses and other playground equipment. New hairstyles and clothing options for everyone. There are also added options for home décor over and above the previous additions.

To play the game with full features, users tout purchasing the expansion pack. It can be purchased at for a reasonable price. It’s worth the purchase. The characters look realistic and I really love the way that you can customize the characters. There is a quick response time for characters when you are giving the commands.

All in all, it’s a wonderful investment. I would suggest getting the game especially if you have a life filled with waiting, what better to pull out your computer and do? With new games similar to SIMS it’s great to know that SIMS continually works on updating content and options. This makes this game playable by all members of the family. It also means you don’t have to pay $65 for the game as you do for other formatted games, and that is always a plus.

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