High Tech Gifts for Christmas

by on October 22nd, 2010
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In this day and age, there are many ways to watch movies and make the movie experience better anywhere. I will recommend some high-tech gifts for film fans everywhere.

One gift idea are high definition video players. High definition videos players include game consoles and standalone Bluray players. Bluray is the predominant standard for storing and playing high definition movies and so these are very suitable to accompany high definition televisions. They cost from $100 or more, so they are also very affordable. I played movies on the PlayStation 3 and it works great. DVD or Blurays both work with its media center software. At home, my HDTV shows great pictures. They show very crisp images and it is a very big upgrade from an old tube television. It also looks much better than an old television and are much lighter.

For people who want to watch video on the go, smartphones and tablets are all good choices. Smartphones screen sizes range from 3 to 5 inches. They can connect to the Internet and many video websites work on them. So they can be used as portable video players for playing videos on the Internet. Also, they also act as portable media players. So videos which you have stored on your computer can be transferred to it and the videos can be played on the cell phone, Video rental services like Netflix are also available on phones. Similarly, tablets can do the same things. They have larger screens and have Wifi or 3G versions. Android and iOS are the dominant operating systems on these devices. I have tried using YouTube on Android phones and it works smoothly over 3G. There also offline video player apps. Android comes with one and there are many on the Android Market. I find the stock video player app to be adequate for playing videos I have put on the phone. Both SD and HD videos work on my Android phone. Many phones have microSD expansion slots, so you can put a large microSD card in the phone. I put a 16GB microSD card in my phone. It is much more expandable and useful than a standalone MP3 or personal video player. So, I find smartphones to be great portable video players.

There are many great gift ideas for techies. These gifts have a large price range, so there is something for everyone.

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