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by on March 9th, 2015
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Ahh Savannah, Ga. The Low country… But you are on a diet of healthy foods. Ever wondered where you can go to get some good southern cooking without all the fats and calories? Look no further than Sweet Potatoes Kitchen!

With their Absolutely great staff. And when i say that i mean it, next time you go to a restaurant when you are done pay your waiter and continue to sit there and talk, notice how your tea never gets refilled again. Well every time I have been here after i paid and tipped and continued to talk, my tea kept filling back up. That should be a restaurant standard. But I can sit and type about their staff all day but you came to hear about their cooking.

Move on over all other southern restaurants cause Sweet Potatoes Kitchen is starting to grow. they are a “hole-in-the-wall” restaurant that only the locals know about but they adapted their cooking to the health frienzy that is going on. But TRUST ME, you cant taste the difference. From their oils to the way they fry their chicken, you are sure to not go home with an upset stomach.

This is a restaurant everyone should try at least once.. or twice. its food and staff is unmatched to where it is so hard to talk about them. Recently they were even shown on Discovery Channels “Man vs. Food”

So if you dont believe my opinion, take theirs.

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