Health Benefits of Peppermint Oil

by on December 25th, 2010
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Peppermint oil is used in many different types of products. These products include shampoos, bath gels, stomach medications and even insect repellants. This proves that the oil has a vast array of uses.

Peppermint oil comes from the peppermint plant. This oil has been used for many years. In fact, it is one of the oldest plants to be used for medical purposes. What is some of its health benefits?

According to the site,, it can be used for many different purposes including:


Placing a few drops of peppermint onto a cloth and then smelling this clothe, can help relieve a headache. One may also massage a few drops onto their temples, forehead or onto the back of their neck to help relieve the headache and the stress associated with it.


Placing a few drops of the oil onto a cotton ball and then holding the cotton ball onto the effective tooth for a few seconds can help relieve the ache from the tooth.


The smell of the oil, as well as the vapors that it can be produced by this oil, can help relieve the pressure and congestion that comes with sinusitis. One can simply smell the oil directly from a cloth or add some to an oil burner. If the sinusitis is severe one may also want to add a few drops to a pan of boiling water and then breathe in the steam from that is created.

Stress and Depression

Some people have found relief from both stress and depression by breathing in the scent of peppermint, while relaxing in a warm bath. They simply addded a few drops of the oil into their bath water. The oil can help relaxed their mind, body and spirit.

Painful joints and muscles

This oil is a popular ingredient in many arthritis creams and sports cream. The reason why is that it has a cooling sensation similar to menthol. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. It can help relieve pain and swelling. For this reason, many people will massage a few drops of this oil onto painful joints or muscles.
Stomach Problems

This oil has also been known to help with excessive flatulence and bloating. To relieve these symptoms, one just has to rub a little bit of the oil on the outside of their stomach.

Side Effects of Peppermint Oil

As with any medication or herbal product, it is advised that nobody begins taking an essential oil without first discussing the issue with their doctor or pharmacist. Peppermint oil is not advised to be used by young children. It is also not advised to be used around the eye area. People who have sensitive skin should begin by using a small amount at first to see if a reaction occurs. If one decides to take it orally, it should be used in only small doses or kidney problems may occur, along with a lowering of one’s blood pressure.

Could peppermint oil be beneficial to you? If you have any of the above health issues, it may warrant a thought.


Personal Experience: This writer is using Peppermint Oil to treat her sinus problems due to allergies.

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