Get Rid of Fleas on Your Dog; Fast and Cheap!

by on February 20th, 2015
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With my neighborhood usually having freezing cold temperatures most of the fall/winter season, it was shocking to realize this year it was so warm that the bugs were sticking around for most of the fall and winter. And not only were they hanging around …but attaching themselves to my dogs like crazy! All I can say is 2011 was a horrible year for fleas. I went through everything.

I tried flea powder for the rugs…vacuuming, flea collars and flea treatments on the dog’s skin/fur. I tried Hartz flea spray and flea & tick shampoo. All of these things promised to kill the fleas. I was rather hopeful. Nothing worked for even a few minutes. I read many articles online in my search for a solution; most directing me to buy Frontline Plus Flea Treatment. Not only is this pricey starting at around $58.99 on But I had three full sized dogs that all seemed to be scratching all day long. There was no way I could wait until I could afford this product. With all the useless flea products I had bought, I had already wasted so much money and the situation was looking hopeless.

But then something else happened – RAID. Yeah, I know, isn’t that for roaches, spiders, or even ants? Well, there is this purple can I purchased in walmart that is a flea killer. Not only can you spray it in your house…but it can also be sprayed on your dogs. After all the failed experiences I was wary but still willing to try…and am I glad I did. I followed the directions for fleas and ticks on dogs. I sprayed each dog missing all important areas (face/genitals). I saw no more scratching out of them. For less than ten dollars I had a flea treatment that worked like a charm.

Rating: 5/5. This product kills adults and pre-adult fleas. It also kills ticks on contact.

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