Foods to Avoid If You Have a Milk Allergy

by on February 19th, 2015
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Some people are extremely allergic to milk and milk products. This is very common among young infants and small children. However, it is not limited to children alone and even adults can suffer from allergic reaction to milk and its byproducts. Milk allergy diet is highly recommended in such cases.

When need to be on a milk allergy diet, you must ensure that you consume food and beverages that are free of milk and milk products. Some of the foods that need to be avoided are all types of milk such as whole milk, low-fat milk, skimmed milk, milk powder, condensed milk, hot cocoa etc. You must avoid milkshakes, yoghurt, malts, eggnog, and any beverage that contains milk.

It is important to follow the milk allergy diet very strictly when you have a milk allergy. Avoid white or rye breads, donuts, wheat, biscuits, French toast, commercially prepared bread, pancakes, muffins, rusk, zwieback, waffles etc. If you follow a vegetarian diet you must avoid all types of escalloped vegetables as well as batter dipped vegetables. Those who primarily consume a non-vegetarian diet should avoid sausage products as well as breaded meats, casseroles, croquettes etc.

If you follow a milk allergy diet, you must exclude all types of creamy soups, bisques, chowders etc. Avoid cakes, puddings, creamy desserts, pastries, custard, cookies etc. Whenever you purchase any food item look for ingredients such as hydrolysates, lactalbumin, lactose, milk solids, caseinates, cheese, butter, milk, whey casein etc., and avoid buying anything that contains these ingredients. The presence of these ingredients in the foodstuff could cause serious milk allergies.

Milk allergy is basically a response of the body to the immune system as well as the proteins in the milk and the milk products. This causes a disruption in the digestive tract as well as the skin and the respiratory system as well. Sometimes, these allergies may be mild in nature and at other times, it could be life threatening. So, you must ensure that you avoid all such food and beverages that contain milk and milk products that could cause allergies. You could try using milk substitutes instead.

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