Does Your Complexion Have You Seeing Red?

by on September 29th, 2014
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Lately, my complexion has me seeing red…literally. For the past few months, I’ve noticed redness around my nose and cheeks (this might work for St. Nick, but not a good look for the rest of us). So, I shamelessly asked a Dermatologist friend of mine about this and she says it can be caused by a few things include Rosacea (which, I didn’t know, is considered a form of adult acne), heredity, and/or sensitivity to certain facial products. She referred to it as a “ruddy” or “reddish” color that appears on certain areas of the face and can occur in mild to extreme form.

So, How Can I Get Rid Of The Redness?

If you fall into the extreme category, I would definitely recommend that you go see a Dermatologist. For mild cases, my friend suggested trying an over-the-counter redness prevention lotion. In my search and testing of various products, I was surprised to learn just about every major skin care line offers a redness reducer…from Clinique to Philosophy to Neutrogena. I decided on Boot’s Expert Anti-Redness Serum (Target carries this brand) and it’s done exactly what it claims. After I apply the serum and let it dry completely my usual pinkish areas are definitely less visible. I think of it as a “calming” agent for my skin.

And if you want to tag team your redness, there are plenty of make-up lines that offer correction concealers and powders including Bare Escentuals, Physician’s Formula, and Jane Iredale (I’ve been using Physician’s Formula Mineral Correcting Powder and it works like a charm).

Red complexion? Not any more. Even, glowing skin? Party of one! The only red I want to see is in my favorite red velvet cupcake…

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