Cubby Cravings

by on November 15th, 2014
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What you keep in your cubby could be making you chubby. There are several things to keep in mind when adding consumable items to the drawer at the helm.

Is it advantageous to keep snacks on hand? Even healthy snacks can turn on you in excess. The best strategy to avoid unintentional over eating is to eliminate the snack temptation entirely. But if desk snacks are essential, choose small portions (not entire bags) of mixed nuts, meal replacement bars or dried fruit. Is it smart to actually plan on snacking? That depends on whether snacking entails intermittent all day snacking as inspiration strikes or if there are thought out, planned snacks of measurable, intentional quantities. In which case, I would not call a pre planned well thought out snack a “snack” that is in fact a “meal.” So yes, it is smart to plan on snacking but it s ill advised to plan on promiscuous grazing from a drawer no matter how healthy the ingredients. Why should eating at the desk happen? Ever? If one intends to eat three meals at work today, then eat three meals at work, but for good golly sake step away from the desk for a few moments to throw down the food! Multi tasking may look impressive but there is no substitute for genuine heart felt focus toward the task at hand with no outside distractions. So eat when you need to eat (human organisms have to do that it’s essential to life) and work when you need to work (human organisms technically don’t have to do this but it’s essential or at least conducive to our quality of life).

Go into the office with a plan. It’s easier to eat on a routine than it is to worry about cramming in a strategically placed travel friendly snack in between tasks at work. It is also easier to get right back on routine when routine is disrupted by other things out of our control.

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