Big City Promises

by on August 10th, 2014
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The big city always promises
That you, too, can make yourself into something
Your name, too, can be in lights
All the phones ringing off the hook
They will all say they were so sorry
You were more than they ever thought you’d be
They will be begging you to be friends
You, too, can escape this hole in the wall town
And show you really are worth it
You, too, can fulfill your dreams
Or the dreams other have for you
Disguised as your own
I tried to please everyone
I tried to make everyone proud
See? I AM worth something
Can’t say that now, I let everything go the wayside
It all crashed and burned right by my feet
And only years after the mess was finally cleaned up
Did I realize that their goals are not mine
Most will not be moved or fazed
By my accomplishments
I will never again measure myself to their accomplishments
Or my exaggerated expectations for myself
My voice has been all the approval I needed
If success is the sweetest revenge
There is no point enjoying success
When it’s empty success
And so what if they never know about it
God will be the first person besides me to know
And He will pass it along

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