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There it is. Earth! Man have I missed you.

It doesn’t seem like they are chasing me. I hope I can land this thing. I need to find a place to land. A military base if I can. Where would I go. I have been gone for so long I’m not sure which ones are still operating.

“Computer. Bring up all known US Military Bases. Cross-reference nuclear radiation signatures.” I hope that does it.

“There you go sir. There are 42 active bases. The biggest are in England, Germany, Israel, Russia, China and Nevada desert.”

“Nevada desert, That is where they develop new tech for the government. Computer, Set course.”

“Yes Sir.”

“You don’t need to be snooty about it computer.”

“I don’t know what you mean sir. You rewrote my programing so you could steal me and I wouldn’t set the alarms off. I don’t know why you would want to go back home when you know that is the first place they would look for you.”

“I have my reasons computer, now just fly.”

He’s right, this is the first place they’ll look, but it is my only hope. They are the only ones who can get this tracking chip out of my brain. And any other planet I could survive on are controlled by them. And the ones that aren’t, I wouldn’t have a chance with out some kind of weaponry which I don’t have.

There goes Mars. Almost there.

“3 minutes till Atmosphere entry”

“Thanks Computer. Scan all radio frequencies and filter out for all military channels and bring them on the Audio. We should be able to hear something.”

“Sir they are very quiet at this distance sir.”

“Maybe we will hear something the closer we get.”

“Computer, come up behind the moon and hold a position on the dark side of the moon and we will listen in there.”

“Right away sir.”

It is still eerily quiet. We should be hearing something.

“We are in Geo-Sync orbit around the moon. I am not picking up a lot of voice traffic, but there is immense data traffic.”

“Explain, computer?”

“They are not using long distance radio transmissions like they were when you left. They are using Satellite communication. I am scanning 15,000 orbiting satellites.”

A lot has changed since I left.

“Computer, proceed with course and lets land.”

“Yes sir, as you wish.”

“Sir a rocket has been launched at us and is going to impact in 45 seconds. Shall I shoot is down.”

“No, just take evasive actions. We don’t want to seem hostile.”

“Too bad.”

“We are entering the Atmosphere sir.”

“Great, any more rockets.”

“None yet sir. One minute to touch down.”


“Approaching the base. There seems to be a welcoming committee sir.”

“No I don’t think that is a welcoming committee. They have guns.”

“Setting down sir. Sir while I was scanning I also picked up frequencies not known to Earth, but of your captors and that of the rebel groups. They may be in the area and already know you are here.”

“Okay computer. Keep me updated via out neuro link.”

“As you wish, sir.”

Here we go. I hope they don’t shoot me.

“Lower the ramp.”

“Lowering sir.”

The ramp is lowering… There is a fog. I can hear men with guns. A commander barking orders. I hear one of them call him Major.

The ramp is down.

“Hello down there. I am coming out.”

“Slowly, and keep your hands up,” said the Major.

“Yes sir, Major. May I ask who I am addressing sir.”

“Major Kenneth J Renner. United States Army. Chief officer of base security Area 51, Who are you?” the Major replied.

That is a good question. Who am I? I have been gone so long, And who knows what they have done to me while I was gone, am I still human. They have very different equipment than when I was abducted. They aren’t using jeeps any more. They have these armored hybrids of jeep and tank. They have some very different guns. When I was last here we were still using M-1s and BAR’s. “My name is Lt. James Rogers. 2nd Rangers. Sir. I am coming down.”

“Do you think that is wise?” the computer asked

“Wise or not, what else am I going to do?”

Slowly, I walked down the ramp. I can see about 20 to 25 men, staring at me, all scared, all with itchy trigger fingers. I keep my hands up and keep coming down the ramp slowly.

I reached the bottom. “Get on your knees and then on the ground face down Lt. Rogers. Slowly.”said the Major.

“Yes Sir” I do what he asked and as I am looking up, I see am man smoking a pipe about 100 yard away, He is barely lit up by the glow of my ship and the lights on the vehicles the men came in. He looks Navy to me. He doesn’t have that hard ass look that most higher ups have in the Army.

“Lt, we are going to cuff you now and bring you into a debriefing room and see if we can’t sort all of this out. I am warning you not to resist or I will order my men to shoot. This SOP for this kind of incident. Do you understand this.” the Major asked. How could I resist. “Yes sir I do sir.” I replied.

The room is eight by eight. There is a table and two chairs. I am in one. I am facing a wall with a mirror. There must be someone watching us. There is something like a camera on a tripod. It has lights all over it and the lens keeps going in and out. But there is no one operating the camera. So very different than I left. I would be very confused if not for what I’ve been through.

Here comes the Major.. He is holding a folder. I stand up when he walks in.

“At ease Lt. Rogers. Have a seat. We have a lot to talk about.” he says.

“Yes Sir!” I replied.

And now interrogation begins.

The Major started,”Name. Rank and serial number.”

“James Robert Rogers. First Lt., 562R32,” I replied.

“Where were you last stationed Ranger.”

“I was on my way back from leave in Tokyo to go to back to the front. To Hill 571.”

“Where are your weapons soldier. Where is your BAR and you .45?”

“I don’t know sir. When I woke up they were gone.”

A stern look came over his face as he looked at the mirror. “What I am about to talk to you will not leave this room or there will be serious actions take against you. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” I replied as I looked in his eye. It was as if he has had this conversation before.

“When did you wake up?”

“About three weeks ago. I woke up.”

“Where did you wake up?”

“I was in this room. It was very bright. I didn’t know till later that I was on an alien planet.”

“What did you remember seeing in there?”

“Besides the white blinding light, there were six other people there.”

“Do you remember anything about them?”

“There was 3 service men there besides me, a Marine, Private by his strips; a Navel Seaman; and a Air Force Captain, he was in the process of being dissected. The other three were a young Asian woman, maybe 15; a negro who was about 30; and white man about 50.”

“Was any of them awake?”

“No it was just me. But when I realized that, things changed.”

“What do you mean?”

“They walked in.”

“Who are they?”

“The aliens.”

“What did they look like?”

“There were two different ones. A small gray being with big heads and eyes, almond shaped, but only stood about 4 foot tall. The other was a tall alien. They were very pail white with blonde hair and deep blue eye. They seem to be in control. And very unhappy that I was awake. The head blonde one started to make actions like he was yelling, but his lips didn’t move. Later I found out that they had telepathy as they called it.” To think of it, the man smoking the pipe when I landed.

Then Major Renner wanted me to explain it. “From what I gathered at first is that they send their thoughts to each other. Kinda like in the movie “They Came From Neptune” that came out last year.”

“What is that?” the Major asked

“It was part of a double feature with “The Fly” that came out last summer. They’re movies.” the Major had an unimpressed look on his face.

“Tell me Lieutenant, what happened after you awoke and seen what you saw. What did they do to you?”

“Well the lead blonde on came over and looked at me very agitated and annoyed. I was more than a little confused and scared. My Ranger training took over. I seen on the table next to me was an array of instruments. I grabbed what looked to be a knife.”

“What were you planning on doing?” he asked in his droll voice, like he had asked it a million times. I start getting the feeling that I may not have been the only one who this has happen to. I play along.

“I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but I had to find away to defend myself. So I grabbed it. Looking back now, it seems silly, cause if they wanted to they could have melted me with their ray guns. But I take the knife and jammed it into the arm of the tall alien and jumped over the table taking them by surprise and headed for the opening. The small gray ones started to run after me.”

“So you have stabbed one and got out the door with little gray creatures chasing you, correct? What was your next move?” He asked in that same droll voice. Like he was being feed the questions.

“Well, sir, I wasn’t sure where I was going and nor could I read anything on the walls. I was trying to find a way out. But it was cut short when I turned the corner and seen another tall being, this time dressed like he was security, he has a smirk and she shot me with a sort of stun ray.”

I hope this neuro link works. “Computer, can you hear me.”

Yes Sir I can. What may I do for you.”

What are they doing to you?”

They are trying to access my main computer and weapons systems. They seem to have a great deal of knowledge of me. It was a good thing you made a new fractal code for the drive. But at this rate they will have access in approximately 72 hours.”

Okay. By the way, is there any radio wave in the area around me.”

Several sir, shall I jam them.”

Just the ones in a 20yard radius of me.”

Jamming has commence.”

The Major just grabbed his ear and winced. Good job mister computer.

“Is everything okay Major.”

“Yes, now you said you were stunned. How long were you out?”

“Well I awoke this time in a different room. It was kinda like this one. But I was laying on the table and the one I stabbed was there and the security one. They didn’t look none too happy to be there. There was a third one. He seemed to be in charge of the other two. He communicated with me. He was able to do this cause he told me they implanted a chip to my brain so I could hear their thoughts. He started to explain everything. He told me his name for short was Chilew. He was essentially the captain of the vessel I was on. And that I was 30,000 light years from home going to his home planet of Metapolis.”


“Yes Major. You know the city planet.”

“I don’t know what you mean?” He has a shocked look now.

“Don’t act like you don’t know Sir. The computer unit in the ship I came in is right now downloading your data banks and I now know what you know.”

Sir if I may interrupt, they know you are here and a signal just cam from high command to detain and kill you if needed. I suggest an exit is in order.”

How much time till do we have?”

About 10 of your minutes.”

Blast me out in 9.”

Cutting it close sir, but that would be the norm with you.”

“Now Major. Let me tall you what they haven’t told you. I know you are human like me, But these aliens who you think that are your friend. They are not. They intend to get you so addicted to their technology that you will eventually turn into a cast of society not much unlike warrior slaves. They want to breed and adjust everyone on the planet into super warriors, and at the same time take away your free will. They have been doing it since the Television got popular in the what you call the Seventies. Now they have the people to the point where they are addicted to TV and internet where they can tell you what to do. You have to help me fight this.

“You are probably wonder how I know this. They altered my brain to be able to learn advance space tactics to be a leader in their coming battles with the rebels. So I accessed all their data bases after they taught me their language and computers. The more I learned about their past where they have gone in and did what they are doing here to have soldier to go fight their battles so they don’t have to. That is why I terminated every human there so they wouldn’t be used by them. No one should be a puppet. That is what we fought against in WW2 and Korea.

“The man in the navy outfit, I know he is one of them and he is in control of this base. I don’t how, nor what you will do, but you need to do something. Be prepares. Don’t let them know what I told you. The Asparey need to be destroyed. The nest time I arrive I will not be alone, nor will they be able to hide the truth. Do what you can Major.

“They are going to be here to kill me. So, I must make a hasty exit.”

I’m ready sir.”

“Are your house guests gone computer?”

They have been evicted sir.”

“Then blast away.”


“Damn computer, that sent me across the room.” I yelled at it.

“I had to make sure I got through. It was reenforced steal with a coating of utheritium from Metapolis.”

“Okay, could you help me with these cuffs. Aww that’s better. Let’s get out of here.”

“Where too sir?” He said still in his snooty tone.

“Well with what I read from latest intelligence I downloaded before we left we need to head to system 25-758, the planet Geof. We’ll have tio find the rebels there and see if they’ll help.”

“Yes Sir, setting course. It is approximately a 10 hour journey.”

“Let’s go.”

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