5 Sharing Wealth and Knowledge Tips for Sales and Marketing!

by on February 14th, 2015
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Step back into the most primitive of times in your life as a child and we can utilize some of that information to help us grow and expand our businesses today. When we were in Kindergarten, or even Grade-school, Middle School, and High School we shared, and we did it lot.

Sharing is one of the key forms of gathering new valuable and relevant information. The Sales Corner LLC was defined on the basis of sharing. It’s important to share knowledge and information without expecting anything in return. It can help you become credible and a utilized resource. It works for us, and it will work for you too.

Below, we’ve identified 5 Great Opportunities that you can start utilizing today, or work into your current sharing plan and begin growing your business and bringing attention to what you are doing. By sharing what you know, others can learn. By learning, they can identify. By identifying, people start working together as a team, promoting each other in what they do.

Sharing Wealth and Knowledge Tip #1
You never know what someone will discover, or engage with you about.
Often times a subject or content matter will be interesting to more then just you. It might be interesting to 5 people, or 50 people that all have an interest in your topic of discussion. Utilize your current resources and tools to start a discussion on your blog, on your website, on your email, or wherever it is that you are reaching your audience. Suggest a title of discussion, and write your thoughts on the discussion, and open it up to feedback and others interjections and let the wheels roll. You may find you can identify needs to address or prospects to engage. By discussing what you know, and basing your topics on experience of your reality people will come to understand you in the discussion, and you will come to understand others as well.

Sharing Wealth and Knowledge Tip #2
Create a niche website or blog only dedicated to your knowledge and experience.
A lot of people think that they don’t know what they would do with a website if they had one, or no ideas on where to start building a website or what should be on it. The answer to this is simple. If you have a website, what is the image and purpose you are trying to achieve with it? How useable and resourceful is it for others to come to and keep coming back to? Evaluating what your “website mission” is will be critical to establishing your ring of those around you that want to gain information from your wealth and knowledge of information. Keep your website valuable, and relevant to your mission. Establish a means of communication mediums, and feedback mediums that allow interaction to take place in your common community.

For those who do not have a website, where to begin is a struggle sometimes. Often not realizing that whatever they like (personal interest), or whatever they can provide (personal knowledge or experience), can be put together in some form of digital media (website, blog, video, audio, etc) and shared among the ranks interactively, socially, (you tube, papers, online comments, etc..) and ultimately create a very valuable stream for others to congregate around. The Sales Corner has had many clients tell them that they are waiting for this or that to take place before they have a website, or this or that before they want to move forward in some way. They will continue by saying that they are ready for when “x” takes place, because they have taken the time to write content or otherwise create their content and “get it ready to publish”. All the while, their content sits on their hard drive, and isn’t doing anything for them to begin building the value it could bring to others. In a situation like this example, starting anything in the form of external communication would be positive. It would get a lot of wheels rolling with people’s interest, and continue to work for them while they wait for their “major” advances to take place.

Sharing Wealth and Knowledge Tip #3
Keep in contact and regular with your community.
So you’ve had a great idea today, or a thought to try something new to try? Have others tried it? What else can you learn from sharing your experience with those around you? What might you help others with if you shared? If you don’t say anything or bring up your thoughts or ideas, how can you reliably get any feedback on the subject outside of your own personal feedback which consumes your own limited thought process on the subject? Part of communicating, is keeping your information and communications transparent for others to know what’s happening and what might be going on inside your business, website, or head. Perhaps it’s something that will generate an enormousness amount of buzz, or create a large amount of sales purchases, or even just inquiries. Whatever it does, the affect is that it will shed new light, on you, on them, or both. Using email, social media, and other web tools is a wonderful way for you to stay in touch and provide valuable and relevant information to your community.

Sharing Wealth and Knowledge Tip #4
Don’t be afraid of experiencing failure. In yourself, or in others.
In a world where “living online” and having access to information and content 24Ã-7 is the normal for many. It’s also the normal for many to get caught in a scam, or some kind of crazy strange scheme. For you and those around you there is an opportunity at any corner or avenue to spark a conversation or generate an interest socially. You can do this through personal expression with an opinion, and idea, or even an achievement. You can actively engage any audience around you that may have any inclination to take an interest in you, or your subject. Go ahead and let people know what you’ve accomplished, and what you intend to accomplish. Let people know what you are thinking about, and would like to think about more of. It’s okay to be open and honest. Most of the time, as a human being, we rather people be honest with us, then hold back in their true feelings and thoughts. It’s okay to wish for bigger and better things. It’s okay to set milestones and have goals in mind. If you are afraid of not following through, or having something go south on you and how it might reflect, that’s normal, and it’s okay too because it’s okay to fail. In fact it’s good to fail. The Sales Corner has not always succeeded at certain things, but we’ve learned from them, and we pass our experiences and knowledge on as much as we can. In some places, failure is celebrated similar to a birthday part. We tend to remember important events like a birthday party, and so as a result, we remember why or how we came into failure, and we do our best not to make the same mistakes twice. As long as you’ve learned something, anything, from your failure, then how have you failed really? The reality is as Benjamin Franklin once said a few lines that can sum up his thoughts on failure as a great inventor, scientist, and statesman of our time: “Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.” and “I didn’t fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong.”

Sharing Wealth and Knowledge Tip #5
Be open minded, learn, and experience new things .
Those of us that never want to try anything new, or those that have no interest in being influenced by others will likely not become as successful as potential allows. We learn from those around us. This is why you see executives all together, or playing golf, or doing whatever the group is congregating at. They are establishing a circle, and within the circle they share. One way to establish a better understanding of ourselves is to gather the opinions and critiques of others around us. If we are the closed minded type, we will never be able to think “outside the box” for an alternative. If we don’t want to learn, we will never be able to know something new and gain more information to help. If we don’t want to experience new things or step outside our comfort zones, we will likely not be able to share both the positive and negative impacting scenarios in which we would have otherwise identified with new information, content, or knowledge. Being open minded, learning, realizing and experiencing, along with having the free will to choose which we accept and that which we do not, are given to use in order to become who we are or intend to be as we grow. These opportunities should be looked at as priceless and invaluable moments with privileges for which we can share with others to hopefully help them achieve, learn, and grow along with us. If we are not willing to accept any change or new information, then how can we be confident that we can express all of our abilities to someone else and help teach them to assist them to succeed or at least keep them from failing in the same ways?

If you like this article or content on The Sales Corner, we highly ask that you utilize our tools around the articles and on The Sales Corner Blog to gain more knowledge, share, and help build a community and utilize The Sales Corner LLC as a resource at your fingertips! We’re not going away!

The Sales Corner tries to do it’s best at putting a significant amount of thought into our article composition and postings before we go forward and process our opinions and experiences. We only hope that we help 1 person a day, then if we are able to provide help to more then that, we’ve exceed expectations in ourselves and in our community. Ultimately anyone reading this content may realistically take only one thing away from it. Even so, it will continue to live forever and be available even to those who seek out helpful and meaningful ways to help themselves and others.

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