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Why is the back of my tongue itchy

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It is possible you have a viral infection or oral yeast infection, if the back of your tongue is itchy. You need to seek medical attention to resolve the problem. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-the-back-of-my-tongue-itchy ]
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What causes swelling and itch on taste buds at the back of the to...?
tongue swelling and itchy ears could be a sign of an allergic reaction. usually when i get them my ears run as well. just take some benadryl and talk to your doctor about getting on allergy medication.

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Why does my tongue get itchy when I eat certain fruits or nuts?
Q: If I eat apples, peaches, nectarines, pears, sometimes bananas (depending how ripe they are), some melons such as cantaloupe and honeydew, and certain nuts like cashews and almonds, my tongue gets itchy. It's been happening since I was really little and I never knew why. But I can eat applesauce or drink applejuice, which makes it even more strange. The itching happens on the sides of my tongue in the back, if that helps or anything. I also know that one of my aunts and one of my cousins also experiences this. Please tell me why this is and/or a way to make it not happen so much!!!! Thank you so much!!!
A: What you are experiencing is Oral Allergy Symptoms, Here is Why: Apples,Peaches,Nectarines and Pears all cross-react with Birch Pollen. Peaches also cross-react with Grass Pollen. Bananas ,Cantaloupe and Honeydew all cross-react with Ragweed ( WEED) Pollen.Pears, Apples and Peaches all cross-react with Alder Pollen. Some individuals can not handle raw fruits or vegetables without breaking out from the juices.I know b/c I have all those pollen allergies I just listed. Birch and Alder are Tree Pollens.I would definately get tested.
Why do scones make your tongue all itchy?
Q: What's in them that makes your tongue have that weird sensation?
A: I've gotten that before but it usually just lasts for a second...u should check with a doctor about alllergys because the one that made my tongue feel all weird was an allergy to some thing in it i think it was....Carob chips? well that doesn't matter...so I suggest to see a dr. cause of my personal experiance. if u don't it could get A LOT worse..
Why does my tongue feel itchy?
Q: The bottom of my tongue feels sort of..vaguely itchy...and tingly..why is that? I haven't eaten anything unusual.
A: Tested any 9 volt batteries lately? All kidding aside, have you drank anything hot that may have burnt your tongue? It may have happened a few days ago and your only now feeling results.If it continues you should check with your doctor.

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