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Why does your stomach hurt when your on your period

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Abdominal pain that occurs during menstruation may be from menstrual cramps or it may indicate a problem in a reproductive organ. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-your-stomach-hurt-when-your-on-your-period ]
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Why Does The Stomach Hurt When You Have Periods??
Its most often all because of hormone changes. I always felt like I was getting the flu before starting. If your pain is in the stomach at the base of your sternum then see a Dr. If its lower in the female organ area then its just your body...
Can Your Stomach Hurt Before You Get Your Period?
Yes you will most likely get cramps. You can also get lower back pain as well.
Is it normal for your stomach to hurt after your period??
Quick question: How old is your brother? And how does he know so much about female health? Is he a physician or med-student? Anyways that's cool you can talk about that openly with your brother and have a good support system. This does a...

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Does your stomach always have to hurt when youre gonna get your period?
Q: does it have to hurt everytime your period is gonna start or no??what else can happen to let you know that your period is gonna start?
A: i get gas lol!
Why does your stomach begin to hurt after jogging for an extended period of time?
Q: I'm seventeen, relatively slim and I've been running for a while now. But every once and a while my stomach, or abdominal area, begins to start hurting. It gets so bad sometimes I almost double-over in the middle of running. I'd like to know the reason that this happens so I can avoid this if at all possible. Thanks!!
A: Its called the side stitch We've all had this one, a sudden sharp pain in the side of the upper abdomen at the base of the ribs. The side stitch typically strikes when you're really pushing yourself and fades quickly when you slow down or stop. The stitch is particularly common for new runners still adjusting to the rigors of running. Likely causes:The pain is caused by a spasm of the diaphragm, the muscle that controls your breathing. There are a number of possible reasons for this. If your breathing isn't controlled and disciplined, the diaphragm may be complaining. If you are running too soon after eating, your heavy stomach may literally be tugging at the ligaments connected to the diaphragm. Or you may simply be running too fast for your body's breathing machinery to keep up. Remedy:A stitch will usually go away quickly after just slowing down or stopping. If you're in a race or you just don't want to stop, however, you can often make it go away by bringing your breathing into careful control. Concentrate on belly breathing, pushing your belly out when you breathe in and relaxing it as you breathe out. Take deep breaths on the intake, and exhale suddenly, even noisily. To get the diaphragm to contract in rhythm with your steps, try to inhale and exhale as you land on your left foot. Strange but true, this can help prevent spasms by encouraging the diaphragm to bounce along in sync with your stride.
can you be pregnant and have your period? and where does your stomach start to hurt when ur preggo?
Q: I am on my period now even tho it's five days late, so I really don't know what's going on. And my stomach has been hurting everyday across my belly button line. Where is it supposed to start hurting at when your pregnant? I'm planning on going to the doctor if this isn't normal. I just really want advice and tips from women that have already been pregnant or that are pregnant.. ive only been sick at my stomach twice, so idk. like i said, i just want advice..thanks! and if you dont think this is normal, please tell me so i can make a drs appt or try to get in sooner...i can't go until next week..that's why i want the advice!!
A: yes,you can be preggo and bleed although it would not be a period,it would be implantation bleeding.you can get the bleeding anytime,from a few days before your periods due,to around the day your periods due.this should not be a heavy bleed,but more of a pinkish stain on your pants or tissue when you wipe,it may be brown in colour as well,and mucas mixed. this bleeding should not get heavier and should clear up within a few days. its just the eggs burrying into the womb lineing. if your bleeding is heavy like a full flow,then i doubt your preggo. you do get stomach pains like period pains right from the very bigging of pregancy.there just your body reacting to the new life growing within you and should ease away in a couple of weeks to be replaced by new pains,lol

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