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Why does it burn after I pee

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If it burns after you urinate then you may have a Urinary Tract Infection or a sexually transmitted disease. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-it-burn-after-i-pee ]
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After being fingered for the first time it burn a little when i p...?
maybe the person who fingered you didn't have clean hands. or it just put your bodies natural pH balance out of sync. see a doctor if it persists
After i have sex, i go pee. why does it burn?
My assumption is that your nerves are still extra sensitive after doing it, so when you pee, it gives a kind of tingly/burning sensation. Also, since the urethra is close to the vaginal opening, it's possible it's just the slightest bit raw...
Is it normal to burn after i pee?
no, sounds like a urinary tract infection. This is fairly common, you have to go see a doctor to get on antibiotics asap. The longer you wait the more pain you will be in, it will NOT go away on it's own.

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Why does it burn to pee after i have sexual contact?
Q: After I have either sex or the other stuff it burns to pee, and sometime itches.thank you everyone..i want to go and get tested me and my partner..but we dont want either of our parents to know..
A: It's probably just the friction to that area that has irritated you. It's always a good idea to pee right after so that any bacteria that might have been pushed up there will be washed out when you pee. Maybe you can try lubricating that area before sex.
Why does my vagina burn after i pee sometimes?
Q: It only burns after i pee, if i dont drink enough water most of the time. I had something simalar before and i went to the doctors to get it checked and they said it was a UTI.. but i didnt get cured. It only burns once in a while, when i dont drink enough water during the say. I know its not an STD, i just dont know what it is? can anyone tell me what it might be?
A: it sounds like, like you said you have UTI.. I had experienced this many times. my doctor always does a culture and gives me antibiotics at high MG's. it hasn't happened lately after a culture has been done. ask your doctor to have a culture done on your UTI. go to the doctor as soon as you can, i know that feeling is annoying and weird. good luck!
Why does it burn when I pee after I come?
Q: Somtimes after bump love or after abusing myself if I should pee sometimes it burns but not in an uncomfortable way, its more like...that feels weird?
A: yes that happens to me when i squeeze the head of my penisso the sperm dont come outto avoid this (i know this sounds wird) milk your penis so all the spermcome out then pee after that

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