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Why do veins pop out

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The veins in arms and legs are closer to skin surface,some people have more prominent visible veins than others. ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-veins-pop-out ]
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Why do your veins pop out when...?
well when you hang your hands below your waist, the blood in your arms drains down toward your hands increasing the volume of blood in the veins and making them expand, when you raise your hands above your head the blood drains from the vei...
How do you make your veins pop out more?
strenuous exercize help to do this because the blood pumps faster to reach different parts of your body. The viens and arteries grow or stretch to accomodate this action. You may not have viens near your skin. Keep on exercizing and they sh...
What Causes Veins To Pop?
Usually its too much pressure like if your over weight or like in your legs if you run a lot and your putting all that strain on them...sometimes its also when your getting older and they can become weaker...hope this helps

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When people talk, why do their veins in their throat pop out?
Q: When people talk I see their veins pop out of their neck like their yelling. But they are talking normally and it still does this. Anyone else notice this? My neck doesn't do that.
A: I hope I don't do that.Maybe they dislike talking to you and are straining themselves trying to get words out.Just kidding. :)
Why do my veins pop out so much in my arms?
Q: You can always see them on my arms. When it's hot outside they pop out even more. . i even get one on my forehead sometimes when i laugh too much, looks like the harry potter scar lol. Every one is always asking me why my veins are popping out so much and i am tired of saying i dont know!!Also when i am angry they pop out even more! I guessing maybe cuz my body temperatue rises just like when its hot outside. .
A: I think when you are active or angry, as you said, your body pumps more blood around the body which increases the size of your veins and arteries. also if you have big muscles your veins are pushed up making them more prominent.
Why do my veins from my arms pop out a lot?
Q: My veins pop out a lot, I'm not even strong or any thing. Why Does This happen?
A: There answer is surprisingly simply - you don't have much fat in the layer just under your skin. This allows your veins to bulge outward a little. In some people this occurs naturally, like yourself for instance. In many other people they have to work to get rid of their sub-skin fat by exercising and such. This is why you normally see bulging veins on "strong people"....and women naturally have more of this fat, which is why they tend to have smoother skin and fewer veins.

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