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Why do mosquito bites swell up

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The saliva injected when a mosquito bites causes our bodies to produce a histamine response. We have a slight allergy response. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-mosquito-bites-swell-up ]
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Why do mosquito bites swell up?
because people are allergic to the bites that's why they itch, and the more you scratch them the more they swell up. some people are very allergic to them so they swell up really big. its just like most other allergies that swell.
Why do mosquito bites swell up white ?
It is your body's inflammatory response to what is basically an injury (the bite). The inflammatory response is how your body heals itself.
What does it mean when your mosquito bite is swelled up??
it could be infected if you have scratched it you could have brocken the skin and infected it it really depends on how swelled it actually is keep monertering it i hope this has helpd

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why do mosquito bites swell up your skin?
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A: During a feeding, the female mosquito bites the human skin, and injects saliva. The saliva contains various proteins that prevent the blood from clotting, as well as proteins that keep the blood flowing into the mosquito’s mouth. Many of the mosquito saliva proteins can cause immune reactions, including allergic reactions. Typically, however, most people have a variety of reactions to mosquito bites, and the symptoms change over time, depending on the amount of bites a person received. These reactions can include both immediate and delayed swelling and itching around the bite area. These reactions tend to decrease in frequency after being bitten by mosquitoes over many years. Generally, people with the above described reactions are not diagnosed as being “mosquito allergic." This term is reserved for people with more severe or unusual reactions, such as those described below. More Severe Reactions to Mosquito Bites: "Skeeter Syndrome"More severe reactions -- rather than the typical itchy red bump experienced by most people as a result of a mosquito bite -- occur less commonly. These may result in blistering rashes, bruises, or large areas of swelling at the bite sites. People who experience extremely large areas of swelling after a mosquito bite (such as swelling of most of an arm or leg, for example) have been dubbed as having "Skeeter Syndrome." In rare situations, some people may experience anaphylaxis after being bitten by mosquitoes. Other people may have experienced whole body urticaria and angioedema (hives and swelling), or worsening of asthma symptoms after being bitten. Typically, these symptoms occur within minutes after a mosquito bite, compared to Skeeter Syndrome, which may take hours to days to occur.
Why do mosquito bites swell up when you itch them?
A: When you are bitten by a mosquito, they inject a chemical that stops your blood clotting (so they can suck up more). The body (usually) responds badly to this chemical and releases histamine - a chemical that is sent to deal with the irritant. However, this histamine causes our skin to itch - big time. So, when we itch a mosquito bite, we increase the irritation, the body produces more histamine which increases the irritation, so we itch, and it's a continuous cycle. What you need to do is not scratch, or if it's really bad put on a cream or some calamine lotion and take an antihistamine, then the cycle will stop and the itch will, in time, go away. I hope this helps!
why do my mosquito bites swell and become painful?
Q: they don't really itch as much anymore. lately they swell and hurt and a few of them have had pus. could i have developed an allergy to mosquitoes?
A: Yes u have, the same thing happened to me.mosquito would start really small and then they would swell up big. One swelled up and covered the surface of my thigh so i know what your going through.The only difference is that mine would itch also but it would be painful to scratch it. If u dont have any medication for it check out the doctor. In the mean while take advil or a pain releaver that suits u and an itch cream of your choice. I use avon therapy cream for dry itchy skin, it gets rid of the itch of the bite.( But go to the doctor he or she will give u the actual medication )

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