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Why do I have to urinate so often

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If you have to urinate often it could be you are drinking too much fluid throughout the day-- particularly coffee, caffeinatedMORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-have-to-urinate-so-often ]
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Why do you have to urinate so often?
I don't know, I urinate 10 times in the day and also the same at nights or sometimes more. i do not drink alot of liquid, so I need help, and last but not least I am feeling some severe burning in my right side. Please help me.
Why am I urinating so often?
Yes you probly should. Unless you are just drinking way too many liquids. Frequent urination usually means something is wrong. Diabetes and infection are the most common things that can cause excessive urination. There are two kinds of diab...
Why do I need to urinate but can't?
The answer might depend on your age. If you are young and active, if could be you just are not drinking enough water or are losing fluids from perspiration. It could be a bladder infection. If you are an young adult male, there is a possibi...

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Why would a dog urinate often?
Q: My female 8 year old german shepherd, seems to want to go to urinate more often, and when she does quats a long , yet can't really see if she is urinating that length of time or not...then she continues to lick herself, this just started a few days after giving her, her bath..which was a shower outside..
A: Your dog could have a lower urinary tract infection it may or may not have been irritated by her bath. I would try to obtain a urine sample and take her to the vet if you cannot get one they will at the office. It just makes your trip much shorter if you can bring in the sample with you, however if they decide that it most likely is an infection your doctor may decide to culture you dogs urine to determine what specific organism is the cause of her infection. Store the sample in the refrigerator in a plastic storage container and mark it with your pets name and the time you retrieved it. You can normally retrieve the sample by allowing your dog to squat and slowly sliding a very low/flat container under your dog as she is urinating. You don't need alot for the veterinarian to analyze so take in whatever you make get. Take note of how much your dog is drinking compared to normal as well as diabetes may also be on your vets list of things to rule out.Good luck.
Why do I feel like I have to urinate often?
Q: Lately I feel like I have to go, but only a little comes out. Then like 5 minutes later a feel I have to go again. Why doesn't everything come out at once?
A: You may have an infection and your bladder just isn't full, but you feel like you have to go. Or it may be your prostate. You should see a dr.
Why do I have to urinate so often when I drink Vault?
Q: It's like drinking beer. I usually drink 32oz and I have to go 3, 4 times within an hour. Why?
A: The caffine is a diuretic, meaning that it causes your cells to release water. It is dehydrating your body.

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