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Why did I break out in hives

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Hives are the body's response to something you're allergic to. It could have been something you ate or touched. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-did-i-break-out-in-hives ]
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Why Do I Break Out in Stress-Related Hives?
If an individual experiences recurring skin rashes, the evidence presented strongly supports that it is prudent to suspect stress as the source of the reaction, absent of any pattern of physical exposure to an allergen Research over the rec...
Will I break out in hives if I eat a bee?
No, but you will begin to get your own black and yellow stripes, then there's that darn stinger . . .
Why do I break out in hives when I sweat?
you could of became allergic to your sweat i have a friend and if she sweat she can go into anafalatic shock or break out in to hives

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Why do i break out in hives when i take my clothes off?
Q: Every morning when i get home from work , i break out in hives as soon as i take my clothes off. I usually take some benadryl and i'm fine. On the days i'm off i never break out in hives. Does anybody have a clue why this happens? I don't think it's my home becasue the same thing would happen when i lived at my moms house.
A: You could be getting Hives, or urticaria as a result of coming in to contact with medications, chemicals, plants, insect saliva (from a bite) or foods such as shell fish.Urticaria can also be a symptom of an allergic reaction to something eaten.Many drugs can cause skin eruptions, like hives but not all of them are allergic in nature.I would go to the doctors and have a skin test, that way the doctor will be able to determine your bodies reaction to various substances by injecting a small quantity underneath the skin or putting it straight on to the skin.
Why do I break out in hives when I sweat?
Q: Recently, just for about the past 2 and a half months, I have been breaking out in hives only on my arms whenever i sweat. Whether its from working out, or from being nervous and sweating. Any explanation of this sudden happening? My diet and daily activities haven't changed at all.
A: you could of became allergic to your sweati have a friend and if she sweat she can go into anafalatic shockor break out in to hives
Why is it that I break out in hives while doing cardio routines.?
Q: I break out once in awhile, but i get really bad hives on my legs, arms and face while im exercising.
A: More blood is circulating through your bloodstream and your capillaries open up.Have you been working out long? If you just started, your body is still adjusting or this could be normal just for you. It also lets you know that you are burning calories, fat and all that other junk.

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