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Why could my lower right pelvis be hurting

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The most common cause for pelvic pain is an ovarian cyst, which can cause a lot of discomfort. ChaCha away! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-could-my-lower-right-pelvis-be-hurting ]
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Why would your right lower pelvic area hurt during sex??
You most likely have an ovarian cyst. Somtimes intercourse can make it uncomfortable. See if it decreases after you have your period. If it continues more than a month or gets more painful, see your doctor. Sometimes birth control pills hel...
Right lower abdominal/pelvic pain...What could it be??
If it has lasted that long, they need to check again. It could be a cyst, but if you had an ultrasound done they would see that. If it's a UTI that's been going on this long it is probably in your kidneys by now - you would need some heavy ...
What causes lower right pelvic pain?
If the pain gets worse and persist you may want to get checked out, your apendix is in that location. If somthing feels wrong and gets worse get checked out, you dont want to mess with an apendix. If its gas pain it should go away with some...

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I had scanty period for 2 days. I spotted for the next two days. My lower back and right pelvis hurts.?
Q: I am not pregnant and my period usually lasts for 4 days with continuous flow. I had a normal period for the first two days and I spotted a little for the next 2 days. Since then my lower back and right pelvis hurts.
A: Could be ovulation pain. Ovulation is not always a predictable thing, it can occur any time during your cycle. Keep a close watch on things and see how this next cycle goes. If it goes along like normal, then you have nothing to worry about.
I don't know why my lower back, and above my pelvis hurts?
Q: i have the flu and a mouth ulcer i have no idea if that got anything to do with it, but this all started yesterday and today i went to sleep for about 4 hours int he afternoon and half n hour after i woke up my lower back hurt like inside so i though it ight be my liver or something and it mostly hurt above y pelvis where my kidney is and i was thinking is this becaus ei took too much pain killers what should i do? should i see if it hurts tomorrow and go see a docter? but i dont know how the docter would know whats wrong with my kidney/liver? its also not the kind of flu pain where your body hurts and heaps sensitive its definately inside me please help
A: Umm Might be your Kidney Stones. I have the same Pain. Go See a doctor about your kidney's to see if it's ok! Hopes this Helps :)
Ouch! Why does my lower back/ pelvis hurt?
Q: I'm a male, high school Cross Country runner. Last week, I hurt the area around my SI joint in a race -- but only on the left side. I feel a sharp pain anytime I walk, go down stairs, and especially when I run. It also hurts bending over or shifting from one leg to the other. It's now been a week. Anyone know what it could be? (I don't think it's a sciatic nerve problem... because the pain doesn't radiate down.) Icing and ibprofin seem to help a little...
A: I think you have dislocate your pelvic bone.

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