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Which side does appendicitis hurt on

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Appendicitis would cause you to have pain on the lower right side of the abdomen. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/which-side-does-appendicitis-hurt-on ]
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Could it be appendicitis if my right side hurts, but the pain goe...?
no, but ovarian cyst is the same bad thing as appendicitis - it can give u pain and it can break and then u re screwed. so what did they say to u about cyst? if it is too small u may check whether u have appendicitis by jumping on one le...

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If the opposite of the appendix or on the left side hurts is it a sign of appendicitis?
Q: You see when I jump rope or run the left part (where on the right side is where the appendix is located) hurts during the activity but if i rest it will be gone in like 30 to 40 seconds. Does signs of appendicitis hurt only on the right or it can also happen on the left or it can happen at either(sometimes on the left then sometimes on the right)??
A: Sounds more like you've pulled a muscle on the left side of your body. I had appendicitis and the pain wasn't something that's brought on by physical activity. It most likely isn't appendicitis but you might have a small hernia or a damaged muscle so go to your doctor and get it checked out, especially if this is something that's been going on for a while.
How long does it take for appendicitis pain to move to the bottom right side of your stomach?
Q: Two nights ago I woke up at 5.45 with severe pain in my stomach... I couldn't even stand up. It lasted for a few hours but eventually subsided. The next day my stomach didn't really hurt but I got a fever and felt generally sick. Only today is my right side starting to hurt... but not too severely. Is this too spread out to be appendicitis?
A: yes .ptn with acute appendicitis commonly present with these symptoms. i say go to the hospital u will need an operation. good luck
Why does my side hurt so bad?
Q: the right lower side of my stomach hurts really bad like a cramp kind of but i finished my periode a couple days ago and i only usually have them in the begining and it doesnt hurt this bad i felt it last night 2 i didnt tell my mom and she just left to go somewhere i dont know if its appendicitis cause i thought i had it last time but it was just food poisioning. Whats wrong with me????
A: Well first off,I think you should ask your mom when she gets back.If you really think it's bad enough,ESPECIALLY if it's appendicitis,go see a doctor NOW.otherwise,you might wanna ride it out a little bit.Take a pain pill.If it consists tomorrow.see a doctor

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