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When mucus is green what does it mean

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A cough that brings up yellowish-gray or green mucus is one of the main signs of bronchitis. Mucus itself is not abnormal, though [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-mucus-is-green-what-does-it-mean ]
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Does green mucus always mean infection?
of the day is clear mucus. Does it always mean infection when it's green? That's my ENT's rule of thumb: Green = infection Because the discolored mucus tends to be more viscous, you may have more
What does it mean if i am coughing up green mucus?
Typically a pure green muci that isn't frothy or blood tinged means you have a mild to moderate immune response to some sort of bacteria. The muci that is green is the bi-product of certain cells that basically fight and kill bacteria infec...
Does green mucus mean bacteria?
when had bronchitis, I had green mucus. I had a pretty nasty infection going on. get it checked out!

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Does green mucus mean bacterial infection, or both bacterial and/or virus?
Q: When I say mucus, I mean boogers (yuck). I know it's not good to have green, and DEF not good to have brown.Yeah I def have a cold... not fun. I have been sick every year around Easter for the past 3 years. I don't get it. Last year was the worst, it turned into pharyngitis :,(
A: sugests bacterial infection but there is a possibility of having a virus too, viruses are not identified by the mucous colour but bacti can be. if there is a virus and no bacti then your mucous should still be a light yellow but green is certainly bacti infection
Does yellow to green mucus mean I have a virus?
A: No, but it can mean you have bronchitis. Inflamation of your bronchal tubes would develope colorful mucus. To make the Phlegm loosen drink plenty of water with mucanex DM medication. Take vitamin C to boost your immune system, increase Zinc intake to combat your body from getting infections. Plenty of rest, and call me in the morning.
What does it mean if green mucus is coming out of my nose?
Q: I'm sick and I usually don't go to the doctors, just let it pass on its own, should i go
A: YUCK!!!!! that means you have a cold. nothing major. take over the counter meds and you should be fine

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