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What is the fluid around the heart

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The heart is surrounded by a two-layer sac called the pericardium, if fluid is built up inside this sac it is pericardial effusion [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-fluid-around-the-heart ]
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What Does It Mean To Have Fluid Around The Heart?
It refers to congestive heart failure. This is when fluid builds up around the heart causing it to not pump properly. Also known as CHF. Usually a Dr will put you on a diuretic to decrease the amount of fluid that is collecting in your body...
What causes fluid around the heart and lungs?
If you have fluid around the heart What is that cause from and what is the treatment is it have to do with CHF.
Is Fluid Around Heart Terminal?
Fluid around the heart is not always terminal. Depending on where the fluid has settled in the sack around the heart, the fluid can be drained. If there is so much fluid accumulating around the heart that the heart can not expand and fill w...

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My mom has fluid around her heart what could this mean?
Q: I just found out yesterday that my mom was rushed to the hospital the doctors said there's fluid built up around her heart. But, they are going to stick something in her leg to go look at her heart later today. Does anyone know the potential outcome of fluid around your heart? What could happen I don't know if this is a grim diagnoses or if this is something that isnt at all rare.
A: This description of fluid on the heart refers to a medical condition known as pericarditis. This is the result of inflammation of the membrane that covers the heart itself, and as it has two layers, fluid can build up between them, causing what is known as a pericardial effusion.This can be treated by draining the fluid from her heart although there will be a number of tests to find out why this happened in the first place. Usually it is due to a virus or something.My mum also has fluid on the heart occasionally and manages fine. Hers is a complication due to another illness.Try not to worry, while i cannot promise anything, ultimately there is usually quite a lot that can be done to prevent this from happening again and your mum could probably live a normal life!!good luck
What causes fluid around the heart?
Q: My uncle is in the hospital and they say he has fluid around his heart and he is having a hard time breathing. what could be causing this?
A: I think if it is fluid around the heart, he probably has what is called pericardial effusion. This is accumulation of fluid in between the 2 membranes that surround the heart.This can be caused by many things, which include:1. Viral Infections: Coxsackie, influenza, Epstein-Barr, echoviruses, varicella, HIV, etc2. Bacterial: Usually from infections of the lung extending to the pericardial membranes.3. Tuberculosis4. Uremia: commonly seen in Renal Failure.5. Autoimmune causes: like SLE6. Neoplastic: Due to extension of a malignancy from the lung to the pericardial membranes. Also malignancies like breast cancer, Renal cell cancer, hodgkin's disease and lymphomas may invade the pericardial membranes and produce pericardial effusion. 7. Drugs/ RadiationSince the causes are too many, it would be difficult toguess what is causing it in your uncle. The difficulty that he has in breathing could be due to the increased pain during inspiration that is seen with the inflammation of these 2 membranes. It could also be due to a lung disease or accumulation of fluid around his lungs (pleural effusion) too (just like the fluid around his heart).
is cerebral palsy causing fluid around heart?
Q: my friend was born with cerebral palsy he's 19 now and today called me because hes in the hospital because he thought he had a heart attack and found out he has fluid around the heart and hes being treated with meds but i was wondering is the cerebral palsy causing or have anything to do with his heart doing this, also how serious is the heart thing and does it go away or will he eventually die from it, also does cerebral palsy shorten your life?
A: No the fluid around the heart is not due to his cerebral palsy. People with cerebral palsy can also expect to live to normal life expectancy but survival has been shown to be associated with the ability to ambulate, roll and self-feed.About the fluid around the heart. This is called pericarditis and whats found in this fluid will tell you whats wrong. however the doctors may not need to drain the fluid and take a sample to test. they may be able to tell by the history your friend gave them or other tests. The list of causes include heart attack, cancer, viral bacterial or fungal infection, uremia, aortic dissection and a number of others.Anything to do with heart problems is serious but the good thing is hes in hospital and recieving treatment. hes obviously well enough to phone you so i wouldnt worry. hes in good hands. the doctors are well trained and no what to do.hope this puts your mind at ease

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