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What is the cause of not being able to sleep

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Primary insomnia is usually caused by a traumatic event related to sleep or bedtime. Restless legs syndrome can cause insomnia. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-cause-of-not-being-able-to-sleep ]
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Can oversleeping cause you to not be able to sleep the following night?
Q: As in if you were to sleep let say 12 + hours, could that be a cause of not being able to sleep later on?
A: Yes! Your body has its own natural body clock; when you sleep in, say on a weekend, you over-ride your body's natural rhythm, ditto staying awake late.This is why specialists treating sleep disorders, such as insomnia, advise you to get up the same time every day & never sleep in, even if you only slept a few hours. By keeping strict bed & waking times, regardless of how much sleep is achieved, its possible to reset the natural body clock.For most though the occasional lie-in does no harm, though you may find sleeping more difficult the following night.
What could cause you to hear music in your mind and not be able to sleep?
Q: It's defiantly in his head and it causes him to not be able to sleep. What could be wrong and what could be done to stop it?
A: Hormones can cause this...Regular medicine will call it something else and throw meds at it
can you think of ten causes of not being able to sleep?
Q: I CANNOT DO THIS!!! this is hw its really complicated i just explained in a simpiler form. theres 2 questions.can you think of ten humorous causes of insomnia (not being a able to sleep)? more than ten?and...what would be a creative way to cure insomnia?
A: 1. If you forgot where you left your bed2. If the only bed to sleep in was a baby's crib3. If when it came time for shut-eye you couldn't shut your eyes4. If you couldn't tell when it was bedtime5. If all the pets in the house were sleeping on your bed and there was no room left for you6. If you had a bunk bed and there was no way of getting up there7. If the bathroom was your bedroom8. If there were so many bed bugs in the bed that there was no room for yourself9. If you had to sleep on a bed of nails10. If you were too happy to sleepMake yourself stay awake until your body is soooo tired that you cannot keep yourself awake any longer.

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