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What is getting your wisdom teeth out like

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It is very painful to remove the wisdom teeth. It takes a few days of recovery time after the procedure. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-getting-your-wisdom-teeth-out-like ]
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What is it like getting wisdom teeth out?
it hurts, the first few hours you cant feel your face, then you have stiches in your mouth so you can only eat liquids, or drink rather. and if you dont take care of your mouth you get dry socket, which hurts even more.
What is it like getting your wisdom teeth pulled?
a few months ago i had one wisdom tooth that was coming in and it got infected really bad. i had no insurance so i tried for like a week to cure it myself by swishing hydrogen peroxide and listerine and it didn't work. anyways i had to go s...
What is getting your wisdom teeth taken out like?
When I had mine out it wasn't that bad. It hurt a bit afterwards but usually they give you T3s so that helps. All in all its more inconvenient and uncomfortable than anything else. If everything goes normally it shouldn't be that bad, and I...

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Can you work out after getting your wisdom teeth yanked?
Q: It's been 4 days and I don't know if it's bad to do a workout after getting your wisdom teeth out? Can you stress yourself or is it not recommended?
A: I didn't start working out until a week and half after, but I had a pretty bad recovery because I was sick from the anesthesia and my jaw and face were pretty bruised. I say if you feel up to it, go for it. Just don't push yourself as hard as you normally do.
How was your experience getting all 4 of your wisdom teeth pulled out?
Q: im getting my wisdom teeth pulled out tomorrow. im an soo scared. I wasn't explained the details. They said they would tell me on the day they will pull them out. They just gave me instructions on a paper about what i should and shouldn't do prior to the actually appointment. How was your experience? Pain? Diet? bleeding? the proccedure? Thanks..
A: Make sure they put you out. I felt the needle, counted back from 100 (made it to 90) and the next thing I wake up not realizing its all over.Mine went fairly well. Miserable for 2 days, food involved soup ice cream (darn) for that time before I was able to begin chewing small bites.Healing was fast, little bleeding and the pills took care of the pain.Other than that, rent a few videos have a friend hit the DQ and you'll be fine!P.S. I wouldn't have gone back to do the other 2...which is why I believe its best to do all 4 and be done with it!Good luck
How bad is getting your wisdom teeth out?
Q: I have to get my wisdom teeth out soon, and I'm scared. Especially because I guess my root on the bottom is close to the nerve. I'm really scared. I've never had surgery of any kind, and one time just from getting a baby tooth out I bled for 1/2 an hour, I'm really scared. How bad is it really?
A: Well the pain is bad..I wont sugar coat it for you..i belive in going onto things knowing what to expece..I'll tell you how it was for me..I jsut got it done today..keep in mind everyone is different and mine were impacted and growing in sideways so mine was much more invasive than getting teeth out that are coming out normally.Okay so i got there at 2pm..They took one last xray and they told me what was going to happen.Then they gave me an iv and told me to jsut relax and sit there or nap..I remember sitting back and getting the IV and then felt like 2 min later they were waking me up although my husband said it was a little over 40 minutes..i must have fallen asleep although i was only sedated not knocked out like if they needed to wake me up i would of just woken up without any problem..My mouth was full of gauze and i was very dissoriented and couldnt walk well.They took me to a recovery room where i sat with my husband since he had to come to drive me..you need a driver..you wont be able to drive on your own..they do give you painkillers..I got vicadin..you may get what is right for you.I went to sleep after getting home and woke up in excruciating pain so i took the gauze out since it has to be in for an hour and i was all done bleeding and i had stitches too and then i took one of the vicadins and then pain has been pretty bad so far but i have taken another vicadin with ibuprofen this time and i feel much much better althought there is still pain of course..Just try to drink plenty of fludis,sleep a lot(your body will think its fighting an infection since its going to be protecting wide open holes in your mouth) so just act like you are sick..Make sure you follow the post-op directions too!!

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