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What if you have clumps in your vaginal discharge

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Clumps in vaginal discharge could be due to excessive progesterone levels and insufficient level of androstenedione in your cervix [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-if-you-have-clumps-in-your-vaginal-discharge ]
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What is wrong when clumps of clearish white discharge come from t...?
It may be quite normal, if you are young it may be that you are maturing. As long as it is not sore, itchy or smelly I think you have nothing to worry about. If you are worried go and see a doctor, they see this sort of thing every day so d...

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is it bad if your vaginal discharge is clear, but there are some blackish red bits in there like period clumps?
Q: i recently noticed the discharge change about two days ago. should i be worried?
A: Depending on where you are in your cycle it could be an indication that your period is coming soon (an example only).However, I would recommend checking with your doctor as well to see what they say.
thick clumps of vaginal discharge?
Q: my boyfriend and i didnt have sex, but we did fool around, and now it seems as if im plugged up or soemthing, and its coming out in clumps, and its itchy.how could it be a yeast infection if i didnt have sex?
A: yogurt, cranberry juice, lots of water, and garlic
i have a clear discharge but sometimes it has little white clumps in it what is it?
Q: i haven't had my peroid this month and its getting close but there is a possiblity i might be pregnant. i have been having a clear vaginal discharge but in the last 2 days it's had little white clumps discharging as well. what could it be?
A: Unless you have a really bad itch and/or a bad order,it's probably just your body cleaning itself. As women our bodies natural cleanses itself and most of the time what you are experiencing is the result.I've had this happen to me and I know its not a yeast infection.

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