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What happens when you eat raw cookie dough

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Raw cookie dough is delicious, but you can get salmonella poisoning from the raw eggs. Find a recipe that doesn't use eggs! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-when-you-eat-raw-cookie-dough ]
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WHat happens if you eat raw eggs in pre-made cookie dough??
Most Likely nothing...But in rare cases you can get salmonella from eating raw eggs...But the egg industry is very regulated and its rare for any eggs to carry salmonella...and even if you do get it. Your immune system will fight it off and...

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Why today they say eating raw cookie dough or brownie mix you'll get sick, but back then that didn't happen?
Q: Back in my day people didn't get sick over eating cookie dough?
A: I always eat raw cookie dough. I honestly don't think it will do anything to you. Just don't eat a whole lot.
can raw cookie dough actually make you really sick?
Q: i've heard that eating raw cookie dough can make you very sick or even kill you.i kinda believe that it can make you sick but can it actually kill you? i don't think so.. i always used eat raw cookie dough when i was younger and nothing ever happened to me.
A: Yes it could because of salmonella from the raw eggs. Your chance is low with modern technology and food safety measures, but it is still a possibility to become very ill. Yes, salmonella could kill you, but again the chance is very low if you seek medical attention when needed. Children, seniors, and others with a lowe immune system have a higher risk.
Can you get salmonella from eating raw cookie dough with eggs in it?
Q: I always have eaten a little but my friend thinks I'm going to get salmonella. How much do you have to eat for that to happen? is it likely?
A: Theoretically you can. It's rare to get salmonella in home kitchens. Usually people get it from restaurant food. If your eggs are fresh, you're probably safe. You can buy pasturized eggs that are totally safe to eat raw. You could also leave the eggs out if you're just planning to eat the dough.

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