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What happens if a person drinks salt water

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Excessive salt intake destroys the kidneys, as the human kidney is not designed, to handle that large a load of salt. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-a-person-drinks-salt-water ]
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Why is the body harmed when the person drinks salt water?
Due to osmosis. Salt water is a hypertonic solution. So that mean the water in your body will go towrds the solution with a higher concentration of solutes (the sea water). This causes you cells to lose water and shrivel up, which is VERY b...
Is table salt mixed with water bad for a person to drink??
It can possibly make your blood pressure go up. You need a certain amount of salt in your diet, because the body cannot function without it. But if you are eating any packaged foods, you are most likely already getting more than enough sodi...
What happens to the body when a person drinks saltwater??
they get dehydrated if they drink enough

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What happens if we drink to much salt water?
Q: If a person were to drink excess amounts of salt water would affect would this have on their body’s cells? (5 marks - so 5 points)
A: Say a person would drink sea water- which is of course full of salt (which is an osmolyte). water follows the osmolytes, or goes down its concentration gradient- which would in this case be outside of the cells. the ammount of ICF (intracellular fluid) would greatly decrease, and the ammount of ECF (extracellular fluid) would greatly increase- because that would be where the osmolytes are. the cells would shrivel.on a body level, this would cause delirium and insanity (because the water would literally be sucked out of the brain); kidney and liver failure (too much salt for the body to filter); and of course death.
Can you help me with the following chemistry questions?
Q: 1. why does dipping meat in salt preserve it?2. why can't we save water by using seawater to irrigate our crops?3. what happens when a thirsty person drinks salt water to try and quench their thirst?
A: i will not answer it exactly but i will give you a hint. the process you need to look up is osmosis. cell density and the density of salt vs fresh water. Salt is not toxic to bacteria. That is not the right answer for number 1.
if stranded on island w/only fruit and water,would I have enough nutrition or wouldI get sick from no salt,etc
Q: What would a person suffer from the most if he or she was stuck alone on an island?Suppose a person was stuck on an island with no material belongings, but the temperature was always warm, there was adequate protection from sunlight, plenty of fruit but limited to only say bananas and mangoes, clean water to drink. Suppose the person is not under threat from any predators, and can find simple shelter to stay out of rain storms ans such. How would this person do? Would he or she become too lonely to cope. Would he or she be malnurished?Any accounts of something like this happening in human history?
A: I saw an account of a British couple who went sailing and became stranded at sea - 4 months a being adrift at sea on a make shift raft - they survived on what meager supplies they had - after that they learned to catch fish - and filter rain water ...until being spotted by another boat. Depending upon the person who is stranded and their will - one can learn to fish (you said they were on an island)and you may even catch a sea turtle - if you are fortunate to be on an island that has mangoes and bananas - you'll do quite well! they are good for you !

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