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What does the pain of a cyst on your ovary feel like

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Many ovarian cysts don't cause symptoms. Others can cause pressure, swelling, or pain in the abdomen, pelvic pain, dull ache MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-the-pain-of-a-cyst-on-your-ovary-feel-like ]
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What Does Ovarian Cyst Pain Feel Like?
Ovarian cysts are notorious for the pain they cause, but without having one before, one may not know what ovarian cyst pain feels like. It is important to know not to ignore the pain that is indicative of an ovarian cyst and have it diagnos...

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People who used the hcg trigger shot did ovulation feel like a cyst or big pain in the ovary?
A: Yes! My nurse said it ws normal to feel pain around the ovary area after the trigger. If it becomes severe then see your doctor. Best wishes!
What does it feel like when an ovarian cyst bursts?
Q: Been having alot of pain and cramping this month. Thought it was due to ovulation but cramping was there for a few days, stopped for a few, and started again. I have been told I have cysts on my ovaries. What does it feel like if a cyst bursts? Also, if you have cysts on your ovaries does that mean you have polycystic ovarian syndrome?
A: Hi, No, having ovarian cysts doesn't mean that you have PCOS. I'll give you a link to a website that has some good information about ovarian cysts and PCOS. It explains it better than I can.Good Luck
Did anybody have ovary pain in early pregnancy?
Q: I'm only 4 weeks 4 days. I started having ovary pain a couple of hours ago. It feels like ovulation pain and it comes and goes. I'm worried about an ectopic pregnancy. Has anyone else felt ovary pain and gone on to have a healthy baby? I have PCOS, so it could be cysts causing the pain. I called my doctor, but am waiting on them to call me back.
A: I think ur fine. I had those pains in all 3 of my pregnancys. It is scary tho huh? Just know that its ok BUT, if you just have that gut feeling that something isnt right act on it. You know yourself better than anyone or any doctor. Good Luck and I hope ur doc calls u back soon!

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