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What does it mean when your poop is slimey

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Mucus is contained by the area to facilitate the poop going away your butt so it doesn't hurt so bad. Depending on what you MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-your-poop-is-slimey ]
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What does it mean if your poop is slimy?
means you got dieriA happins when your desigetion system is fast
What does it mean if a dog poops blood and clear slime??
that means your dog more than likely has parvol

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what could it mean if a baby opossum poops slimey yellow stuff?
Q: i have a baby opossum and im afraid something is really wrong with it
A: Relax, it is normal.This will explain everything.http://www.2ndchance.info/raisepossum.htmopossums are carriers of TB so be careful to sanitize your hands after each time you touch themThat should get me 10 points.
My cat has slimey poop and it smells wicked bad, what could that mean?
Q: My cat kinda had like dierra last week. She was fine afterwards and started pooping normal again, but the last 3 poops she has had are a light brown and they are slimey looking. They also smell worse than her poop has ever smelled. What could this mean?I feed her Science Diet indoor formula because thats the only food that agrees with her stomach. Also I will keep checking it.Thanks for that info. I read it and there is no blood in the stool, just light brown and slimy. I am going to check on it and try calling the vet.I just looked at her most recent poop and at the ending of it there is a casing around it, like what a sausage would have. Not trying to be gross but thats what it looks like.
A: Simply speaking, the mucous is an indication of inflammation of some sort.Did your kitty get any new food, treats, get into any human foods, get into anything?If you're confident that nothing like the above happened, then it would be a good idea to take in a sample for analysis. If the kitty is doing well, you probably don't need to take it in yet, unless your vet suggests you do so.One of my cats always had soft, mucous-y stool. Turns out she was "allergic" to crappy food. When I switched her to a completely wet diet (raw and canned) that cleared right up.I won't bore you with a lecture, but I'll just say that SD is a low-quality food and you should consider switching brands. All wet is better (dry doesn't clean the teeth) but some dry is ok. If you'd like to learn more, see the links.
18 month old with green stringy slimey poop?
Q: My 18 month old son has had strange bowel movements for the past week. They are green and have like stringy slime or mucus. He is acting fine and doesn't seem to be sick or anything. He hasn't been eating anything different than usual. What could be causing this and should I be worried about it? I plan to call his doctor on Monday but I just wanted some thoughts in the mean time. Oh and he did have some type of viral thing like 2 weeks ago. His doctor said it was a viral fever, he had a temperature of 103 for 3 days. He has been fine since then. Could that illness from 2 weeks ago have anything to do with this mucus in his poop?Thanks for all of the immature responses!
A: There's a chance that it could be just left over from the virus but the mucous is a little worrisome. Mucous is a sign of stomach irritation and can be found during viruses and with allergies amount other stomach issues. While I'm betting that this is all related to his previous illness, I think you're smart to talk with the doctor. Just a heads up: they may ask you to bring in one of his diapers or a stool sample . If he is still in diapers, I'd save his first diaper on Monday . Just put it in a zip lock bag. Hope this helps!

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