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What does it mean when you poop blood

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Causes of blood in stool range from harmless, annoying conditions of the gastrointestinal tract such as hemorrhoids...more? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-poop-blood ]
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What does is mean when you poop and it has blood??
well, unfortunately, it could be a variety of different things. It could be as simple as wiping too hard and having a little tear causing bleeding, especially if she is taking laxatives to loose weight, it could be hemorrhoids, it could be ...
Why is there blood when you poop?
moast likely cause is hemroids, if you do not have hemroids consult with your doctor
Why Is My Cat So Mean Lately And Had Bloody Poop?
Bloody poops in the cats should not be neglected because it can be something serious. So, you should take your cat to vet for proper diagnosis and treatment. Following are general causes of bloody poops in cats. 1. Intestinal parasites 2...

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What does it mean when there is blood on your poop?
Q: When I went to the bathroom I felt pain and there was a dark red ring of blood around the middle of my poop. Does this mean anything bad?
A: Blood in the stool is never a good thing.Get to a doctor or hospital at once. Best case scenario is you have hemmorhoids. Worse is some of kind of internal injury or colon cancer.Good luck!
What does it mean when you squirt blood after you poop?
Q: What does it mean when you squirt bright red blood after you poop? It happened last night and today everything was normal. I haven't been in any pain, been sick or lost any weight. What could this be?
A: See a doctor. You may have hemorrhoids, polyps (that need to be checked for cancer), or several other things that cause rectal bleeding.Best Wishes,Sue
what does it mean when you poop blood?
Q: my boyfriend says he doesn't feel pain so he doen't think its a hemroid. He said its just a regular poop but when he looks in the toilet its bloody and when he wipes its bloody he says really bloody...please help
A: Hemorrhoids can cause painless bleeding of the rectum. They are not always painful. Bleeding can be cause by many things including ulcers, internal injuries, and medications. He may want to ask the doctor about it.

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