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What does it mean when you have a headache

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Headaches have many causes, from eye strain to tiredness to underlying illnesses. ChaCha again soon. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-have-a-headache ]
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What does it mean to have headaches...?
You need to see a Dr. Anytime your condition changes that you have had for a long time you need to get it checked out. No one knows why you have hadaches, I have them everyday as well, but when your normal headache changes and you start get...
Does a painful headache mean a stroke?
Not necessarily. It could be several types of headaches: from stress, congestion, a migrane, cluster headache. Migranes and cluster headaches are both extremely painful.
Does This Mean That There Is No Reliable Chiropractic Treatment f...?
This is the most important question. If the answer is "yes," then there is no point in dwelling on this subject any further. Essentially, this ends up meaning that the chiropractor randomly offers chiropractic treatment recommenda...

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What does it mean when you feel hungry when you have a headache?
Q: `Starting about two weeks ago, I've been having really bad headaches. Most of the times, I feel really nauseated when I have them, but sometimes I feel hungry, even if I've just had a big meal. What does that mean?The headaches aren't associated with hunger--the hunger is associated with the headaches.
A: It means that you might want to make an appt with a dr to see if you are diabetic. Most people get headaches when they're hungry.
What does it mean when you get a headache when you start drinking alcohol?
Q: Maybe it's because I'm stressed..or drinking too much. One of the two. I know its not a hangover..i've had plenty of those. I notice when I start to drink that I get a headache. I appreciate any feedback.
A: alcohol acts just like coffee does on the body... it sucks out the water (thats why drinking alcohol or coffee makes you want to pee a lot, they are diuretics).. you get dehydrated, and it can happen very quickly, especially if your under hydrated to begin with.. this happens to me a lot too... thats actually why people have headaches the morning after too, because they are dehydrated.. the amount of hydration the body has effects everything in it... it can mess with your heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate... its like the first thing i learned in nursing school... next time you are going to drink, drink a sufficient amount of water before hand, and for every beer/glass of wine/etc.. have at least a half glass to a glass of water with it.. you should see the headaches happen less frequently, and less severely, and eventually after you body gets used to it, should not happen at all. hope this helps.
What does it mean when your headache keeps moving around your head?
Q: I've had it since Thursday. First it was over my right eye and all over my right side of my head and the right side of my neck was really killing me and now its over the left eye! The left side of my neck is hurting today too... is this more than just tension? I'm so sick of itA viral headache? I've never heard of that.. do you mean headaches can actually be catching?!?
A: It means you have a lot of tension. The good thing about tension headaches is you can take some medicine like aleave or asprin. Do you where glasses? Usually when you have a headache over your eyes your vision is cloudy, if so you may need glasses. Once you correct your vision impairment the tension magically disappears. In the mean time here's a link of different headaches with their symtoms and cures. http://www.headaches.org/consumer/presskit/hachart.pdfHope you feel better, Take Care!:)

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